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The Fun House Effect

When we first bought our 5th wheel I really thought those mirrored closet doors in the bedroom were a plus.  Then came the day when I first really used them to check out how that outfit was working for me.  That’s when I discovered that they had the “fun house effect”.  And, I don’t mean the good “fun house effect” that makes you look taller and thinner, this is the one that makes you look shorter and fatter.

I remember doing a double take and thinking…..”Whaaaat??”  I am already a short person at 5’2″ and, at the time, I wasn’t as thin as I would have liked to be, but I could fit into a Lee’s size 8.  Okay, yes, Lee’s run large (that’s what I like about them). But, still initially it was a shock to think I looked that fat...

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