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Memorial Day 2014

While the Memorial Day holiday signals for many people the start of the camping season we tend to take a pass due to the crowds.  But, we do have a tradition and it is centered around camping.  We take a drive up Highway 88 to check out the Woods Lake area and Hope Valley.  In years past we would be assessing the impact of winter and when it looked like camping would be possible.  This is the high country.  The Woods Lake area is in the 8000 elevation range and Hope Valley in the 7000’s.  So, the severity of the winter determines when camping will be possible.  That’s no longer our purpose as we can’t get our rig into the Woods Lake area any longer and we wait until early September to camp at Hope Valley to avoid the crowds.  Since California is in the middle of a terrible drought ...

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What Alice Forgot

My second book review is for:

What Alice Forgot


Lianne Moriarty


Yes,  I’ve chosen another book by Liane Moriarty and this one was just as enjoyable as the other one.
This is a story of a 39 year old wife and mother who, after a head injury at the gym, comes to thinking it is 10 years earlier.  She has no memory of the three children she has delivered, of how or why her marriage has fallen apart, or how her life has become so hectic.
Once again Liane Moriarty has created characters that feel genuine, flawed and likable.  I was completely swallowed up in their struggles and rooting for their success.  Moriarty has a way of telling a story that keeps you turning the pages, sorry when it ends yet satisfied with it’s completion.
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