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Bodega Head

One of the best things about our visit to Bodega Bay is Bodega Head.  If I’m going to be good and get some exercise other than walking the dogs, I walk/jog the trails at Bodega Head. Bodega Head is just a short drive from Porto Bodega RV Park. Just follow the road around the bay and it ends at the parking lot of Bodega Head where you come face to face with the dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean.

DSCN3622I chose to workout two different mornings.  I had to “talk” myself into it both days but was never sorry.  It was such a pick-me-up and a wonderful start to the day.  One morning was clear and one started off foggy but both were calm with no wind.  These were the only times during our entire stay that the wind abated.

Bodega Head Trail 2The trail winds back and forth along the hilly terrain of the coast return...

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Porto Bodega Revisited

We recently revisited Porto Bodega Marina and RV Park for 5 days and……other than the wind blowing crazy wild almost every moment….we had a lovely, relaxing trip. DSCN3599                 We had the exact same spot as last year. DSCN3602Here are the three rigs….ours and our friends….along with our three white trucks. These sites are very nice over all except for one thing, there isn’t any cable hook ups at these sites. And, that would be fine except that there are cable hook ups at the other sites and they charge the same rate for the ones without.  The first year we came our friends were told that they were working on fixing that. Hmmmm, I guess when you have little competition in such a desired area the management hasn’t got an urgency to attain excellence...

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Campers Wine Glass

A few years ago our friends gave us two wine glasses for Christmas custom painted with a camping motif.  We loved  them and they became our trailer wine glasses.  Then last November Greg dropped his while outside BBQing at Sunset Beach and it broke.  Our friends had purchased ours at a craft faire so we knew it wasn’t going to be easy to replace and after browsing the internet I found zero available for purchase.

Each following trip was a “whine” fest on Greg’s part as he missed his favorite glass and, of course, wanted to use mine.  My response was a quick “forget it”.  So, a couple of months ago I got back on the internet to search again.  This time I was led to Sharon Carl’s Etsy store in which she sells custom painted glassware...

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The Good Luck of Right Now

This book was a pleasant surprise…..


I had read Matthew Quick’s “The Silver Linings Playbook” and found it a bit disappointing so I hesitated to check this one out of the library.  Maybe I would have enjoyed that first book more if I hadn’t seen the movie first.  The book isn’t as cheerful as the movie is.  But, this isn’t a review of “The Silver Linings Playbook” so I’ll move on.

“The Good Luck of Right Now” is the story of a 38 year old man, Bartholomew Neil,  who would probably fall somewhere on the autism spectrum.  His life is his mother, the Catholic church and the library.  When his mother dies he is forced into finding his own way in life for the first time.  He’s never had a job. He’s never had his own set of friends or plans for a future...

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