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The Glass Castle

This memoir will knock your socks off….if you’re wearing any!

GC 2

Jeanette Walls’ memoir titled “The Glass Castle” is a completely gripping tale that I found extremely hard to put down.   She tells the story of a childhood spent living with parents who are both eccentric and neglectful.  Her dad is a brilliant and creative alcoholic who can’t hold onto a job.  Her artistic mother is more interested in painting than making sure her children have food and shelter.  This combination guarantees the necessity for Jeanette and her siblings to raise themselves.  They have a somewhat nomadic existence, moving from place to place until they end up in a backwoods town in West Virginia...

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South Dakota Trip Part 2 –Taking the Tour

When I did my research online in preparation for this trip I came across several tours that were offered.  We had always been “do-it-yourself-tour” folks out of thriftiness, I guess, until we went on an Alaskan cruise and land tour.  That was when we discovered how valuable paying for a tour can be.  When you do so, pretty much everyone involved in it, from the bus driver on up, is a docent full of interesting information.

The tour that caught my eye started at Fort Hayes with a pancake breakfast before setting out with an option of participating in the chuck wagon dinner and show afterwards.  We opted to not participate in the dinner and show because….


…………we knew that some of us (actually ALL of us) would be pooped by the days end.  And, we were.

This is actually the set that Kevi...

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