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The Uninvited Guest

Okay…before I get started I need to preface this post by saying that lately we’ve had some trouble with our camera.  Sometimes it just turns it’s self off  and then, sometimes, the photos just seem….hmmmm…..sketchy.  So, I am offering my apologies upfront for my definitely less-than-top-notch photos.  

We had an uninvited guest during our last trip…..well, more like a stowaway and, we never figured out he (or, maybe she!) was there until the day after we got home.  

It wasn’t as if there weren’t any signs.


From the very 1st day there were obvious indications.  


Teddy and Charlotte tried to alert us late in the night, after we were tucked in bed.  But, we treated them like dogs and ignored their warnings.


On the morning of our final day the evidence was so clear it could of sla...

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Off the Grid

It used to be that any time we were camping we were “off the grid”.  Those were the days before  a smartphone was in everyone’s hand demanding attention.  Now days the only time we are truly off the grid is when we camp in Hope Valley.  Not only are we camping without any hook-ups whatsoever, but there is absolutely no cell service as well.  I don’t think I realized how dependent I’d become on constant information until this year’s trip to Hope Valley.  I’m not sure it took a complete 24 hours to adjust but the 1st day of our trip the silence seemed “very loud” as Greg put it.

photo 2 - Copy (2)

The view out our front door was huge, wide open, spectacular……and silent.

It was what occurred 13 years ago today that got me addicted to information...

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