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Big Little Lies

If you want a book to get lost in during a weekend away, this is it.

Big Little Lies

Liane Moriarty’s latest release, Big Little Lies, sucks you in, holds you captive and delivers to the last page.  It begins by revealing that a tragedy has occurred during a parent event, Trivia Night, at the local elementary school that involved a death.  But what exactly took place at Trivia Night is slowly revealed via police interviews of those attending the event that are dispersed throughout the book.  Theses interviews are wrapped around the stories of three women, Madelaine, Celeste and Jane who all have kindergartners in the same class.  Madelaine and Celeste are old friends and Jane is the young, single mother new in town.

In true Liane Moriarty fashion the story is full of twists, turns and new revelation...

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