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Delta Marina RV Park

Delta Marina RV Park is located in Rio Vista, CA, right on the Sacramento River.  There are 25 sites with sites 3 -12 being waterfront and of those, only 3-6 can accomodate RV’s slides.  The rest of the sites are situated in the middle of the lot right after you pull off of the street.  It’s really no larger than a small parking lot.


We stayed at Delta Marina several winters ago when we were checking out the destinations closer to home and were in one of the waterfront sites.

 It was nice having the view of the river right out the back window.  

The sunrise in the morning could be stunning and blinding as well.  But, for me, this was pretty much the only plus.

If fishing or boating is your thing I could understand the appeal of Delta Marina.  

There’s a great pier for fishin...

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Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

I went to our public library’s web site a while back to look for Stephen King’s latest release “Revival” and in the process discovered “Mr. Mercedes”.  I didn’t like the title and I didn’t like the cover.  Yes, I know we are not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover…..and I don’t.  But, isn’t it nice when the cover is appealing?  Anyway, “Revival” had a long wait list of which I joined and “Mr. Mercedes” was a bit shorter.  I was running out of reading material so I requested it as well.  

I got an email in mid-February from the library saying it was my turn for “Mr. Mercedes”…it was there waiting for me to pick it up.  This turned out to be perfect timing.  I didn’t feel so great that day but the next morning woke up with a miserable cold...

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