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Hello…. my name is Susan.  My husband, Greg, and I have a 5th wheel and enjoy using it very much.  We are not “full-timers”.  Although we would love to be retired we’re not there yet and even if we were,  we would not choose to be full-time RVer’s.  I love my sewing room WAY too much to ever do that!  But, we do love taking trips in our RV. 

We’ve gone on several “big” trips in different parts of the country but some years back, when gas started sky rocketing, we decided to look for more places closer to home than just the couple that we frequented annually.  Since we live in Northern California there are lots of options.  We can literally find someplace to camp during every season of the year and do.  Some of the places we’ve tried out have been so-so and some have been wonderful and made into regular destinations.  We like to go places with hook-ups and also have favorite places in which we dry camp.  The things we’re kind of picky about is…….we don’t like crowds and feeling like we’re in a parking lot and we like it to be beautiful.

I’ve found that RV blogs and websites tend to be unattractive and masculine driven with tips on things like cleaning out your holding tanks, etc.   I would like this site to be, hopefully, more attractive to women. Tips will be included, but I’ll pass on the holding tank type.   There will be RV park reviews, cooking/baking tips and recipes, household (or should I say RVhold?) tips, destination tips ( such as where are the cool quilt shops, etc.) and cute animal stories because we’re absolutely nuts about our pets.

So, here we go.  This is obviously a work in progress and I’m not at all certain I know what I’m doing.  But, I’m going to dip my foot in the water and give it a try.  Maybe some of  you will follow along.






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  • Shannon  says:

    This is so awesome! What a great idea….a woman’s camping perspective from a woman who likes to camp! I must say I take my sewing room with me. I’ve got it down to a science on space management and our kitties go along too. Next to Disneyland, camping is my happy place. 😀

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