Dog’s Need Weekends Too!

As soon as we start the process of loading our trailer in preparation for a trip our dogs move into action.  They know what’s coming and they want to make sure they are not left out.  It’s amazing that we manage to get it done without being tripped as they are constantly underfoot.  And, when it comes time to put their beds in the back of the truck, we make sure we put the dogs in the backyard and go out the front door.  Because at that point, Teddy KNOWS it’s almost time to go and the words “stay” or “sit” suddenly mean “run out the door and put yourself in the truck!!  Quick!!”  Apparently, dogs need weekends too.

I think this is pretty common as our friends say that they have similar experiences.  In fact, one of their dogs is 14 years old and spends most of his time practically comatose because he loves his naps so much but, when he sees the trailer getting packed,  he comes to life.

Our first dog, Penny, the one who grew up with our kids, had a solution for this.




She packed herself.  There was NO WAY she was getting left behind.  Penny loved camping sooooo much that even as she got to be old and really needed her naps, she would resist taking one as she was worried she would miss something fun.  I can vividly remember her sitting beside the dinette in our trailer while we were eating dinner (begging was another love of hers!) and falling asleep while sitting up due to her exhaustion.  Ever see a dog nod off and jerk herself awake (just like my dad in church)?  She never gave herself permission to go to sleep until we were all tucked in ourselves or sitting around the campfire talking.  Then nothing could wake her…not even the deer that walked up behind her  to check her out one night.

Yes, dogs need weekends too. 

How about your dog(s)?  Do they love RVing and camping as much as you do?

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