Free at Last


There have been times, not very often, when we have been able to let the boys (Walter and Teddy) experience some freedom in the wilderness.  Those were the rare times when no other campers were there….. just us. They would run like the wind…ears flying.



Teddy, being a lab mix, LOVES water.  Walter…..not so much.  But, a nice cool drink is always welcome.


Did I mention that Teddy loves water?


Walter loved running from the water.


Delightful freedom………and joy.


After all that freedom there’s nothing so sweet as a cushy bed, cozy blanket and a cuddle with a buddy.


Charlotte’s not quite ready for that type of freedom yet….. maybe some day.  She’ll settle for the cozy stuff for now.

One comment to Free at Last

  • Nancy  says:

    I LOVE the picture of Walter running from the water! Such a sweetie.

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