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Breed Restrictions

When we are looking to try out a new RV destination we always check their pet policy as it’s not uncommon for some parks to have breed restrictions.  They usually state something like this:  No Pit Bulls, Rotweilers, Dobermans, or any aggressive dogs or mixes of these breeds.   And, since we have a Pit Bull mix that eliminates us.  But, you know what?  Even if we didn’t have a dog from their restricted breed category, we wouldn’t go to a place that had them because we have no intention of giving folks that ignorant our money.

Dogs aren’t born aggressive.  People make them aggressive.  Some breeds of dogs are more powerful than others, that’s true.  But, just because they can be powerful does not mean they are or will be aggressive...

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October is “Pit Bull Awareness Month” so I have decided this is a good time to write a post about Walter.  Walter was our precious Pit Bull /Boxer mix that we were privileged to have as part of our family for a short 7 years.  We didn’t set out to get a pit bull.  We set out to get a companion for Teddy.

Best Friends 10-05

And….. that’s what we got and so much more.


Walter was about a year and a half old when we adopted him from our local SPCA.  He came from a family who loved him but couldn’t keep him for whatever reason.  They loved him so much that they wrote a letter to his future family telling us sweet things about him. I’ve always felt a bit sad for them and always felt exceptionally thankful that we ended up with him...

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Free at Last


There have been times, not very often, when we have been able to let the boys (Walter and Teddy) experience some freedom in the wilderness.  Those were the rare times when no other campers were there….. just us. They would run like the wind…ears flying.



Teddy, being a lab mix, LOVES water.  Walter…..not so much.  But, a nice cool drink is always welcome.


Did I mention that Teddy loves water?


Walter loved running from the water.


Delightful freedom………and joy.


After all that freedom there’s nothing so sweet as a cushy bed, cozy blanket and a cuddle with a buddy.


Charlotte’s not quite ready for that type of freedom yet….. maybe some day.  She’ll settle for the cozy stuff for now.

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Dogs Behind Bars


This is Walter and Teddy.  Every camping trip our dogs spend some of their time “behind bars” and it seems we end up taking a “dogs behind bars” picture or two during each trip we take.  So, I thought I’d share.  Walter is the brown one and Teddy is black.


Teddy seems to always be saying, “What are we going to do now?”  Walter LOVED the cage.  It had a cushy bed in it and was cozy for naps.  Naps are good.  Naps are very good.  Pacifico is good also.

This cage has seen better days.  We forgot to load it during our last trip so that made for a good excuse to drive into a nearby town and buy a new one.


Walter is still napping.  Teddy is still waiting to see what will happen next.  Camping is so much fun and who wants to waste it napping???   The little guy on the lead is Mr...

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