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South Dakota Part 4 — Montana!

When we were planning our South Dakota trip I kept coming across the name of Custer which led me to think that, maybe, the Little Bighorn Battlefield where General Custer met his demise, was in the vicinity.  It was about half a day’s drive away in Crow Agency, Montana.

We stayed at the Grandview RV Park in Hardin, Montana.  This RV park did not hold up to its name as it did not have a grand view or a grand anything else!  But, it was sufficient and served our purpose.  It was a safe place to stay with a friendly staff and full hook-ups.  It was hot as all get out (one of my mother’s sayings) so we had the air conditioning roaring the entire stay and we were thankful for those hook-ups!

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument was much more impressive that I expected...

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South Dakota Trip Part 3 — The Badlands, Deadwood, Rapid City and Beyond…….

I have had the most difficult time getting myself to finish the posts for this particular “long haul”.  Why?  Well, I guess there are a couple of reasons…maybe a few. #1..this wasn’t the last trip we went on with my parents but it was our favorite.  We had so much fun.  And, now, Mom is gone, having passed away in February.  #2…back then all our photos were placed on discs and somehow one of the discs from this trip was corrupted and the photos were lost to us…so disappointing.  #3…I’ve had hopes of finding some that my folks took during this trip but haven’t been successful with that yet.  Anyway, it’s time to press forward.

The closest site seeing venture (and the most disappointing) to where we were camped in Sturgis, was Deadwood...

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South Dakota Trip Part 2 –Taking the Tour

When I did my research online in preparation for this trip I came across several tours that were offered.  We had always been “do-it-yourself-tour” folks out of thriftiness, I guess, until we went on an Alaskan cruise and land tour.  That was when we discovered how valuable paying for a tour can be.  When you do so, pretty much everyone involved in it, from the bus driver on up, is a docent full of interesting information.

The tour that caught my eye started at Fort Hayes with a pancake breakfast before setting out with an option of participating in the chuck wagon dinner and show afterwards.  We opted to not participate in the dinner and show because….


…………we knew that some of us (actually ALL of us) would be pooped by the days end.  And, we were.

This is actually the set that Kevi...

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South Dakota Trip Part 1 –Why Sturgis?

Back around 2005 I got a yearning to take an RV trip to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore.  We didn’t actually take this trip until 2007 so I had lots of time to research and make our plans.  Mt. Rushmore is outside of Rapid City, South Dakota that, I’m sure, has acceptable RV parks.  But, instead we chose to stay in Sturgis, South Dakota, the town that is famous for it’s annual motorcycle rally.  Why Sturgis?  In my research I discovered that there was an awful lot of interesting sites to see in South Dakota besides Mt. Rushmore and Sturgis was a central location that was great for taking day long site seeing trips.  So we chose to stay at the Elkview Campground located at 13014 Pleasant Valley Rd. in Sturgis, South Dakota. From this location we were :

  • 27 miles from Rapid City
  • 47...
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