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Sunset Beach State Park

For several years now we have made Sunset Beach our November destination.  Why November?  Well, long ago I used to work at a school that was on a “year round” schedule.  I was assigned to “A” track which meant that November was one of the months I had off.  The hubby decided it was a good time to take some vacation around the Veteran’s Day holiday since I was already off AND November is a good time on the California north coast.  By the time I switched back to a traditional schedule, which meant I was no longer off in November, we were hooked.  So, now I have to use vacation days as well.  It’s worth it.


Sunset State Beach is located in Watsonville, California, 16 miles south of Santa Cruz on Highway 1...

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Jackson Rancheria RV Park

Well, this just happens to be the “Disneyland” of RV parks.  What I mean by that is that the quality of this park is top notch.  It is kept squeaky clean, the landscape is perfectly maintained and the amenities and services are first rate.

What do I love about this RV Park……


Jackson has become our regular “winter” spot.  It’s located in the foothills of Amador County outside of the town of Jackson, Ca., is part of the Jackson Rancheria Indian Casino property and only a 45 minute drive from our home.  What makes it a good winter spot for us is that it’s not too high to get serious winter weather like snow and ice but is high enough to be above the fog that tends to plague the Sacramento Valley.


When the casino folks decided to build this RV park they did it right...

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McCloud Dance Country RV Resort

A little over a year ago I saw some pictures posted on Facebook of some beautiful falls.  The person who posted the pictures said they were the McCloud River Falls in the town of McCloud, CA.   Always interested in finding a new place to explore in California, I googled it to find out where McCloud is.  McCloud is just south of the city of Mt. Shasta, about 10 miles off of I-5 on Highway 89.  So, we took a day trip checking out the falls, the town and the RV parks and decided that we would like to return and stay at McCloud Dance Country RV Resort.

McCloud is a lovely little town that primarily began as a logging community supported by The McCloud River Lumber Company...

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Sycamore Ranch RV Park

One of the 1st places we stumbled upon when we started our search for places that were close to home was Sycamore Ranch RV Park.  Sycamore Ranch is located on Highway 20 in Brown’s Valley, CA about 13 miles outside of Marysville.  For us that’s a little more than an hour from our home.  The campground sits along Dry Creek and is nestled in the foothills.  We hear that it’s a hopping place in the summer as it’s a big favorite with fisherman.  But, we wouldn’t ever choose to camp here during the summer because, as my mother would say, “it’s hotter than blue blazes!”.   It has become our go to spot each spring.  Both March and April are gorgeous months here and the temperatures are just right.


Our first time at Sycamore Ranch it was a privately owned RV park...

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