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Let There Be Light…. a product review

Why it took me so long to figure this out and solve my problem is beyond me!

When we got our 5th wheel in 2008 I was thrilled with the kitchen pantry.  It really has more than enough space to fill our needs.  But, during our first outing an annoying issue became apparent… night, when it was dark outside, looking into the pantry was like gazing into a black hole…no matter how many lights were on inside the trailer.  Now, I know this is not an earth shattering problem — merely an annoyance and maybe that’s why I let 7 years go by before I came up with a solution.  And……here it is…….



They come 3 to a package and were purchased on Amazon for $7.04.

 This is what one looks like.  Each light uses 3 AAA batteries.  


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The Uninvited Guest

Okay…before I get started I need to preface this post by saying that lately we’ve had some trouble with our camera.  Sometimes it just turns it’s self off  and then, sometimes, the photos just seem….hmmmm…..sketchy.  So, I am offering my apologies upfront for my definitely less-than-top-notch photos.  

We had an uninvited guest during our last trip…..well, more like a stowaway and, we never figured out he (or, maybe she!) was there until the day after we got home.  

It wasn’t as if there weren’t any signs.


From the very 1st day there were obvious indications.  


Teddy and Charlotte tried to alert us late in the night, after we were tucked in bed.  But, we treated them like dogs and ignored their warnings.


On the morning of our final day the evidence was so clear it could of sla...

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Mom and Dad

My Mom and Dad were our camping buddies for MANY years.  From summer trips to the mountains or long hauls out of state they were always fun to travel with.

The season would always be kicked off with a day trip to Woods Lake, that later became Hope Valley, to check out the conditions regarding snow, etc., on Memorial Day.   The elevation is quite high so the camping season’s opening depended on the severity of the winter.


We would bring our chairs, some snacks and a thermos of coffee and if it was sunny, sit and enjoy the views.  Sometimes the temps were just too chilly and we couldn’t handle more than a quick walk about before piling back in the truck and heading for Sorenson’s where we would enjoy a delicious meal in their warm and cozy establishment.


This was taken at the Badlands...

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