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The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

We took our annual trip to Sunset Beach last month and while we were there I got the urge to go check out the New Brighton State Beach which wasn’t too many miles up the coast line.

Greg and our friends had checked it out several years ago when I had to stay home to care for my mother. New Brighton’s campground is right on the coast and actually has some sites with hook-ups.  This is pretty much unheard of for California State Parks.

I have to admit….. I was being driven by the “grass is greener” syndrome.  Maybe we could have the best of both worlds at New Brighton……camping on the coast AND hook-ups.  It would be awfully nice to not have to constantly be mindful of our water use……wouldn’t have to use the campground showers, or use the generator to charge up the batteries...

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Return to Graeagle

We returned to Graeagle this September and, once again, had a wonderful time.  On top of the usual 3 R’s…..Resting, Reading and Relaxing….we made a point of checking out some places that were new to us including some RV parks.  Now, I don’t feel that I can review these RV parks because I haven’t stayed at any of them.  So, I’ll just share what I saw and some facts that are available.  

The first one is Clios Rivers Edge RV Park.  Clio is a tiny, tiny town located next to Graeagle.  This RV park is the first one I came upon online when I originally was looking for something in the area.  It’s fairly large and all sites have full-hook ups including cable and Wifi.  The park is situated in the trees but, to us, it felt claustrophobic….the spaces just seemed very close to each other...

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Shelter Cove Minus the RV

We opted to return to Shelter Cove this summer but instead of RVing it we rented a house large enough to host the entire family…..which, at this point, is 9 adults and 3 kiddos.  Driving cars over that steep and winding road wasn’t nearly as daunting as hauling RV’s over it.  So, getting there was a lot less stressful if you don’t count the challenge of getting everything to fit in the trunk of the car!

The home we rented was located on Lower Pacific Rd. and backed up to the ocean.  So, when you walk in the front door you are immediately greeted with the glorious view of the ocean via the almost total wall of windows and french doors across the back of the house.


That view alone made the house rental a hit.  Wow!

Leaving the 5th wheel at home also meant leaving the dogs at home as t...

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We were back in the land of “The Birds” and our friends said they’d made a new discovery last year when they camped in Bodega Bay.  This was a discovery worth sharing and making into a tradition.

Just 5 minutes or so past the town of Bodega is the town of Freestone, a place we’ve breezed past on our way to Sebastopol more than once without a blink of an eye.  

Just turn left on the Bohemiann Hwy and there you are.  


Our destination was the Wildflour Bread Bakery where delicious breads are baked in a wood fired brick oven.  


The bakery is only open Friday through Monday and when we got there the line was out the door.


But, they must be very used to these crowds and had a great system for quick service…...

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Seems It’s Always About The Water….

Last November we made our annual trek to Sunset Beach.  Sunset Beach, being a California State Park, does not provide any hook-ups.  We decided to stay 5 nights therefore, our challenge was water…… making sure that the water in our tanks was enough for 5 days as well as having enough space in the holding tanks.

There are two ways to seriously conserve water in an RV…..

#1.  plan meals that require very little clean up and…..

#2. take advantage of the coin operated showers.  

I rocked the meal preparation part (in fact, stay tuned for Water Saving Tips Part 2 coming your way soon) so we probably could have skipped the coin operated showers completely but Greg agreed to take all showers in the park facilities while I agreed to using them on hair washing days only.

So, Greg headed over ...

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A Nice Surprise

Sutter Creek is a little town on  Hwy 49 about 5 miles from the Jackson Rancheria RV Park in Jackson, CA where we recently spent 4 nights.

On our last day we decided to drive into Sutter Creek to browse their antique shops.  I had something specific in mind that I hadn’t found in the antique shops in Jackson’s historic district.  So, we took our time looking through a couple of shops that were open.  

I’ve often found that shops in these tiny towns do not always adhere to the hours of operation listed on their doors.  Maybe, after the posted 11:00 – 5:00 they should add in parenthesis “If I’m feelin’ it”.  So, when I say that we looked through the ones that were open it means there were at least two others that should have been, according to their posted hours, but weren’t...

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Off the Grid

It used to be that any time we were camping we were “off the grid”.  Those were the days before  a smartphone was in everyone’s hand demanding attention.  Now days the only time we are truly off the grid is when we camp in Hope Valley.  Not only are we camping without any hook-ups whatsoever, but there is absolutely no cell service as well.  I don’t think I realized how dependent I’d become on constant information until this year’s trip to Hope Valley.  I’m not sure it took a complete 24 hours to adjust but the 1st day of our trip the silence seemed “very loud” as Greg put it.

photo 2 - Copy (2)

The view out our front door was huge, wide open, spectacular……and silent.

It was what occurred 13 years ago today that got me addicted to information...

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Bodega Head

One of the best things about our visit to Bodega Bay is Bodega Head.  If I’m going to be good and get some exercise other than walking the dogs, I walk/jog the trails at Bodega Head. Bodega Head is just a short drive from Porto Bodega RV Park. Just follow the road around the bay and it ends at the parking lot of Bodega Head where you come face to face with the dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean.

DSCN3622I chose to workout two different mornings.  I had to “talk” myself into it both days but was never sorry.  It was such a pick-me-up and a wonderful start to the day.  One morning was clear and one started off foggy but both were calm with no wind.  These were the only times during our entire stay that the wind abated.

Bodega Head Trail 2The trail winds back and forth along the hilly terrain of the coast return...

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Porto Bodega Revisited

We recently revisited Porto Bodega Marina and RV Park for 5 days and……other than the wind blowing crazy wild almost every moment….we had a lovely, relaxing trip. DSCN3599                 We had the exact same spot as last year. DSCN3602Here are the three rigs….ours and our friends….along with our three white trucks. These sites are very nice over all except for one thing, there isn’t any cable hook ups at these sites. And, that would be fine except that there are cable hook ups at the other sites and they charge the same rate for the ones without.  The first year we came our friends were told that they were working on fixing that. Hmmmm, I guess when you have little competition in such a desired area the management hasn’t got an urgency to attain excellence...

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Memorial Day 2014

While the Memorial Day holiday signals for many people the start of the camping season we tend to take a pass due to the crowds.  But, we do have a tradition and it is centered around camping.  We take a drive up Highway 88 to check out the Woods Lake area and Hope Valley.  In years past we would be assessing the impact of winter and when it looked like camping would be possible.  This is the high country.  The Woods Lake area is in the 8000 elevation range and Hope Valley in the 7000’s.  So, the severity of the winter determines when camping will be possible.  That’s no longer our purpose as we can’t get our rig into the Woods Lake area any longer and we wait until early September to camp at Hope Valley to avoid the crowds.  Since California is in the middle of a terrible drought ...

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