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The Perfect Re-Purpose!

I’ve discovered a wonderful purpose for these totes that stores provide for the purchase of multiple bottles of wine.  


Okay… if I have a wine tote that holds six bottles from CVS  it can only mean that my sisters were in town!  

Now, I’m not sure why it took me so long to come up with this (and I highly doubt I’m the first) but it’s an excellent reuse of this type of tote.  It turns out that these are the perfect shower tote for those times when you need to use public showers at certain campgrounds!

First of all, it’s vinyl which is great because vinyl doesn’t mind if things are wet!  You know…. like wet shampoo bottles or wet shower shoes...

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Here’s a product that is particularly handy for RVing……….

Grands Biscuits1. Works whether you’re dry camping or somewhere with hook-ups… electricity needed.

2. Unlike canned biscuits you can choose the number you’d like to cook without consequence whether it’s 2 or 20. (Always did hate opening up a can of 8 or 10 biscuits when there is just the two of us)

3. Although they take longer to cook than the canned type (because they are frozen) they taste almost like they are homemade.

4. And… the Walmart brand are just as good.

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Campers Wine Glass

A few years ago our friends gave us two wine glasses for Christmas custom painted with a camping motif.  We loved  them and they became our trailer wine glasses.  Then last November Greg dropped his while outside BBQing at Sunset Beach and it broke.  Our friends had purchased ours at a craft faire so we knew it wasn’t going to be easy to replace and after browsing the internet I found zero available for purchase.

Each following trip was a “whine” fest on Greg’s part as he missed his favorite glass and, of course, wanted to use mine.  My response was a quick “forget it”.  So, a couple of months ago I got back on the internet to search again.  This time I was led to Sharon Carl’s Etsy store in which she sells custom painted glassware...

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Cocktail Hour!

I came across something that’s a fun addition to cocktail hour while RVing.  It’s those premixed coctails that are in a squeeze pouch.


You stick them in the freezer but don’t expect them to be ready in an hour or two.  Because they have alcohol in them they take several hours to freeze.  The directions say to freeze, squeeze and enjoy.  But, actually it’s much easier to squeeze the drink into your glass after  you’ve let it sit out of the freezer for about 5 or 10 minutes.  If you try to squeeze it out as soon as you remove it from the freezer you’ll have a difficult time.  And…. cocktail hour is not about having a difficult time!

I have only tried the margarita versions of these drinks but they come in several different options and are very reasonably priced...

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Water Saving Tips in the Kitchen

When you’re dry camping and need to make the water in your tanks stretch, it’s imperative that you find ways to use as little water as possible in your RV kitchen.  The key is to find ways to ensure that you have as few dishes to wash as possible.  There’s always the obvious……using paper plates and bowls for meals.  Here are a few that are useful as well.

  • BBQing as much as possible cuts down on pots and pans.
  • Foil pans for use in the oven….. I usually prepare something ahead of time like stew and then put it in a foil pan and heat it up in the oven instead of using the stove top.  Then the foil pan is thrown away after the meal.
  • Parchment paper or foil can also save a pan that goes in the oven from  needing to be washed.
  • Plenty of paper towels!  Before washing any pots, etc...
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Table Cloth Weights

I read an article in Trailer Life Magazine on how to make your own table cloth weights.  These weights were made out of soda pop cans filled with sand.  I’m pretty sick of doing things like placing an ugly board on one end of the picnic table to keep it from flying off so I liked the idea of making my own table cloth weights.  But, I found these particular weights unattractive and cumbersome.  So, I decided to come up with my own using things I had around the house.

The flannel backed vinyl table cloth, that I keep in the 5th wheel for outdoor use, is good quality and of substantial weight.  So, I put an eyelet in each corner to attach my weights to.


The weights are made from lead fishing weights that had been my grandpas that I somehow ended up with...

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Homemade Table Cloth Weights



  • Lead Fishing WeightsDSCN3012
  • Key Rings
  • HookDSCN3011
  • Acrylic Paint (optional)
  • Fabric Scraps ( scrap booking paper would work as well)
  • Decoupage FinishDSCN3016
  • Eyelets for tablecloth corners  DSCN3007
  1. Wash and dry the lead weights to remove any dirt or dust.
  2.  Paint the weights if desired and allow to dry ( It may take several coats).
  3. Cut out desired fabric (or paper!) pieces with pinking shears.
  4. Brush decoupage finish over the weight where you wish to place your decoration. (Don’t be alarmed that the decoupage finish is white!  It will dry completely clear.)
  5. Place your decoration over the decoupage finish and smooth all sides.
  6. Now brush more decoupage finish over the top of the decoration.
  7. Allow to dry thoroughly and then turn over to decorate the other side.
  8. Attach your decorated weights to key ...
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