Breed Restrictions

When we are looking to try out a new RV destination we always check their pet policy as it’s not uncommon for some parks to have breed restrictions.  They usually state something like this:  No Pit Bulls, Rotweilers, Dobermans, or any aggressive dogs or mixes of these breeds.   And, since we have a Pit Bull mix that eliminates us.  But, you know what?  Even if we didn’t have a dog from their restricted breed category, we wouldn’t go to a place that had them because we have no intention of giving folks that ignorant our money.

Dogs aren’t born aggressive.  People make them aggressive.  Some breeds of dogs are more powerful than others, that’s true.  But, just because they can be powerful does not mean they are or will be aggressive.  It’s people who do the evil work of creating aggression in dogs.  It’s people who do the evil work of pitting one animal against another in order to make money.


The best dog we’ve ever known was a Pit Bull.  It was not uncommon for people to cross over to the other side of the street when he was being walked.  They had no clue he was the sweetest dog ever.  See, no one told Walter that he was a mean, aggressive Pit Bull.  He loved everybody and thought he was a lap dog.  There are Chihuahua’s out there that are more dangerous than Walter ever was.


It’s really only been in recent times that Pit Bulls have gotten a bad reputation.  They used to be considered the “nanny dogs” as they are so good with children.  This is a picture of the first dog in my life (I’m the littlest one in the wagon).  I didn’t realize it until looking back at photos that Sox was obviously of Pit Bull origin.  He was a great dog.

It’s today’s “gangstas” that have turned folks against these good dogs.   They are the creeps who take these dogs, brutalize them and make them dangerous.  Which brings me back to why these restrictions are so ignorant…… just how many “gangstas” are out there RVing?  Seems to me that most of us are of the over 50 set along with a growing amount of families with kids.  I’ve never seen any RVer “sagging” with their pants hanging below their booties.  Neither have I ever seen any RVer’s wearing “grills” on their teeth.  Generally, we’re the type of folks who bring dogs in as a part of the family not to make us look like we’re tough and to be feared.

It’s time to grow a brain about this.



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