McCloud Dance Country RV Resort

A little over a year ago I saw some pictures posted on Facebook of some beautiful falls.  The person who posted the pictures said they were the McCloud River Falls in the town of McCloud, CA.   Always interested in finding a new place to explore in California, I googled it to find out where McCloud is.  McCloud is just south of the city of Mt. Shasta, about 10 miles off of I-5 on Highway 89.  So, we took a day trip checking out the falls, the town and the RV parks and decided that we would like to return and stay at McCloud Dance Country RV Resort.

McCloud is a lovely little town that primarily began as a logging community supported by The McCloud River Lumber Company. It wasn’t just about cutting down trees and providing lumber it was the huge train operation that provided the transportation of logs themselves. For decades most of the folks who lived there either worked as loggers or on the trains.  When we got back home from our day trip I found out something interesting….my Dad’s parents lived in McCloud during the first years of their marriage and my grandfather, Perle Clark, worked as a brakeman on the trains for The McCloud River Lumber Company.


He’s the one standing 2nd to the left…… this is 1912.

Now, we were definitely going back.  The plan was we would enjoy the RV park, the falls, the beautiful surroundings and hopefully, find out some more info about my grandfather in the Heritage Junction Museum.

Our friends, Tim and Laura, and A.J. and Dena, decided they would bring their rigs and join us for this adventure.  It’s always more fun when friends join in.

The McCloud Dance Country RV Resort is located right on Highway 89 and although there are logging trucks still traveling that highway, it really didn’t seem all that busy or noisy.


It’s a large and beautiful campground with lots of amenities.  They offer pull-through or back-in spaces, areas for tent campers and cabins to rent as well.


This is a view of the back of our three rigs.  The spaces are a bit close together but behind us was a huge grassy common area and that made all the difference.


There aren’t fire pits at the sites but if  you ask for one they will wheel one of these over to your campsite for the duration of your stay.   It roasted our marshmellows just fine.


And this is the view you have the entire time.

There are 3 different falls along the McCloud River and we visited them all.  There is actually a path that you can hike the entire way…..not sure how long that was……we drove to each site.





This section of the falls empties into a perfect swimming hole.


There are other pretty areas along the river like this where you can picnic or play.

DSCN2863The market and the town is a quick walk across Highway 89.

DSCN2868Or you can take a walk in the other direction and come to their lovely golf course.

The town itself features some beautiful old buildings……

DSCN2576This is only one of the picturesque churches in town.

DSCN2911This is the original merchantile building and it houses several fun shops to browse, a candy store, restaurant (it’s good!) and hotel.   It was cool to think that my grandparents did their shopping there 100 years ago.


The building across the street, in the background, is the Heritage Junction Museum.  This is where I was hoping to maybe find some more pieces of my family’s past.  It was a cool museum.  They had some interesting stuff and it was obvious that the town folk had lot’s of pride wrapped up in it.  There were lots of old photos of the logging operations but nothing much in regards to the railroad.  It seems that the railroad part of The McCloud River Lumber Company hasn’t been out of commission all that long.  They had managed to stay alive by having a dinner train, etc., and it was only recently that they had turned all of the photo’s and documentation over to the museum.  We were informed that there was much to be sorted through and only volunteers to do it.  I was a bit disappointed but as we were coming to the end of our tour of the museum I saw that there was a book for sale titled “Rails Around McCloud” with this picture on the front….

DSCN2981                       ….and that guy standing on the engine looked an awful lot like the photos of my grandfather.

Is it him?  Who knows, maybe.  This book did not list names of the men that appeared in the photo.  But, I bought it.  And, when I brought it home and showed it to my 84 year old father he said, “Well, that’s Dad right there.” and pointed to the man I had thought looked like my grandfather.  That was fun.

Here’s the skinny on McCloud Dance Country RV Resort…..


  • Free Showers in very nice bathrooms
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Propane filling station
  • fish cleaning station
  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Discounts for Good Sam, AAA and AARP
  • Lots of recreation options in the area
  • Weston’s Craft & Sewing Center in nearby city of Mt. Shasta

Rates:  $39 – $54 depending on sites and whether it’s a holiday weekend or not

To sum up I’d  give this place 4 out of 5 stars.  It was a very nice place and beautiful with the only negative being how close the sites were to each other.  We plan to go back some day.

2 comments to McCloud Dance Country RV Resort

  • Jeff Moore  says:

    I found your site by accident…I’m the author of the Rails Around McCloud book you mention, and I want to thank you very much for providing at least one of the names of the people on the cover…the photograph came to me quite some time ago with no names attached. I’m happy to know at least one now. I’d also be curious to know where you saw the picture of the Shay #17 with its crew in 1912…that intrigues me. Feel free to drop me a line, and thank you in advance.

    Jeff Moore
    Elko, NV

    • sbainter1958  says:

      Hello Jeff! The photograph of the Shay #17 belonged to my grandparents and is one of the few that the family managed to hang onto it seems. I don’t think that I found anything about Shay #17’s route in your book. Is this a missing link as well?


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