Sycamore Ranch RV Park



One of the 1st places we stumbled upon when we started our search for places that were close to home was Sycamore Ranch RV Park.  Sycamore Ranch is located on Highway 20 in Brown’s Valley, CA about 13 miles outside of Marysville.  For us that’s a little more than an hour from our home.  The campground sits along Dry Creek and is nestled in the foothills.  We hear that it’s a hopping place in the summer as it’s a big favorite with fisherman.  But, we wouldn’t ever choose to camp here during the summer because, as my mother would say, “it’s hotter than blue blazes!”.   It has become our go to spot each spring.  Both March and April are gorgeous months here and the temperatures are just right.


Our first time at Sycamore Ranch it was a privately owned RV park.  It was lovely but parts of it were a bit run down.  The picnic tables were falling apart and there were some folks who lived there full-time.  About 3 years ago Yuba County took over the property and we wondered how they would change it.  It’s been all for the better……paved roads………new permanent picnic tables……full-timers moved out….. an overall “shape-up”.


When we go in spring we usually have the pick of the place when we arrive.  There may be 2 or 3 other campers in the entire place.  The above shot is from our trip this past spring of 2013 and this is the most folks we’ve ever encountered there and it was hardly a crowd!  In fact, most of them were our friends anyway.


This is the view from our favorite site which sits right next to Dry Creek.  That’s me doing what I like to do best when we are camping…….relaxing and reading a good book in a beautiful venue.


This is our son and daughter-in-law who came and tent camped this year along with some of their friends.  The campsites are spacious.


This is our friends, A.J. and Dena’s rig.


It’s just a stunningly beautiful campground.

Here are some of the facts

Hook-ups:   Electricity & Water with a dump station near the exit/entrance.  No cable but if  you have an antenna you will get the local stations.

Restrooms & Showers:  They have a very nice, clean facility and I can’t remember if the showers are coin operated or not!


  • Boat launch  (if that’s what floats your boat…..pun intended!)
  • Group campsites
  • Horse Shoe Pits
  • Day Use Area for non campers
  • Large grassy common area for …….whatever folks want to get together and do in a large grassy common area.
  • Wildlife……. usually see wild turkeys walking about…..gorgeous bird life and this year I spotted two turtles sunning themselves on a log in the creek.
  • Beauty, beauty, beauty

Price:    $20.00 a night!!!!!!!! This is the trully amazing part……especially for California.

Reservations:  None

Negative:   I can only think of one negative……….. the campground host fella (who is super, wonderul nice by the way) makes his rounds driving a riding lawnmower.  Yuba County needs to get that dude a golf cart!

I give this place 6 out of 5 stars!   Which means I give it an extra star because I like it sooo much.

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