Let There Be Light…. a product review

Why it took me so long to figure this out and solve my problem is beyond me!

When we got our 5th wheel in 2008 I was thrilled with the kitchen pantry.  It really has more than enough space to fill our needs.  But, during our first outing an annoying issue became apparent…..at night, when it was dark outside, looking into the pantry was like gazing into a black hole…no matter how many lights were on inside the trailer.  Now, I know this is not an earth shattering problem — merely an annoyance and maybe that’s why I let 7 years go by before I came up with a solution.  And……here it is…….



They come 3 to a package and were purchased on Amazon for $7.04.

 This is what one looks like.  Each light uses 3 AAA batteries.  

There is two-sided tape on the back.

It ‘s as simple as peeling off the backing to the two-sided tape and pressing it onto the place where you would like it.  Press the fixture and the light come on…press it again to turn it off.  

It was that simple to go from that…….

…….to this!  Oh look!  There’s the sloppy joe sauce!

Here’s what’s funny…. most of the time I forget about my new cupboard lights. I continue to fumble around searching for what I need, getting myself annoyed before I remember that I no longer have to waste my time like that anymore.  Hopefully it won’t take another seven years to get used to it!

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