The Uninvited Guest

Okay…before I get started I need to preface this post by saying that lately we’ve had some trouble with our camera.  Sometimes it just turns it’s self off  and then, sometimes, the photos just seem….hmmmm…..sketchy.  So, I am offering my apologies upfront for my definitely less-than-top-notch photos.  

We had an uninvited guest during our last trip…..well, more like a stowaway and, we never figured out he (or, maybe she!) was there until the day after we got home.  

It wasn’t as if there weren’t any signs.


From the very 1st day there were obvious indications.  


Teddy and Charlotte tried to alert us late in the night, after we were tucked in bed.  But, we treated them like dogs and ignored their warnings.


On the morning of our final day the evidence was so clear it could of slapped me in the face!  But, I was heavily into Rodent Denial (I think there’s a 12 step program for that….Rodent Deniers Annonymous or RDA) and refused to face the truth.  

The day after we returned home Greg went out to clean the floors.  This is the last chore before taking the trailer back to storage for the next two months, and…..  


……….he came face to face (not really!) with the intruder!  He then came into the house and said, “Don’t freak out but…”  Of course, I did not freak out because what he told me really was not a surprise.  (Also, if anyone knows the two of us very well, they know that I am not the one prone to freaking out.)  Step #1 for RDAers is to admit that , yes, it is indeed possible that a rodent is residing with you.  So, I confessed that I had seen more than one sign.  

Step #2 is “Don’t ignore it, eradicate it!”  So, I suggested we purchase some sort of mouse trap.  Greg took a trip to our local Ace Hardware and came home with what he thought was the least distasteful trap they offered.  He placed it in the trailer and the next morning………  


…….Step #2 was fulfilled and we were able to place our trailer back in storage knowing (hoping) that when we retrieve it in two months it will not smell like a dead rodent.

I don’t recall the rest of the steps for RDA but what I do know is that generally, we are very hospitable to guests, invited or not.  They usually do not end up in a paper bag inside our garbage can.

Oh, and thanks for your patience while we work through our camera issues!


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  • Judi irwin  says:

    Omg, hilarious

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