A Nice Surprise

Sutter Creek is a little town on  Hwy 49 about 5 miles from the Jackson Rancheria RV Park in Jackson, CA where we recently spent 4 nights.

On our last day we decided to drive into Sutter Creek to browse their antique shops.  I had something specific in mind that I hadn’t found in the antique shops in Jackson’s historic district.  So, we took our time looking through a couple of shops that were open.  

I’ve often found that shops in these tiny towns do not always adhere to the hours of operation listed on their doors.  Maybe, after the posted 11:00 – 5:00 they should add in parenthesis “If I’m feelin’ it”.  So, when I say that we looked through the ones that were open it means there were at least two others that should have been, according to their posted hours, but weren’t...

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The Martian by Andy Weir — A Book Review

I don’t read Sci Fi.  Because I’m married to Greg I’ve WATCHED a lot of Sci Fi television and movies (and I mean A LOT!) but, I don’t read it.  So, what am I doing reading this book?


Well, this is definitely NOT your average Sci Fi.  I’d say it’s “plausible” Sci Fi.

the martian

The Martian, by Andy Weir, is the  story of  Mark Watney, a team member on the first manned mission to Mars.  A horrific sand storm arises that requires the team to evacuate the planet in a hurry.  In the process, an accident befalls Mark which, not only causes him to be physically lost from his crew, but also causes his bio meter to read him as lifeless……but he’s not!  He awakens to find himself all alone on Mars...

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Movin’ West RV Park – Graeagle, CA

Movin’ West RV Park in Graeagle, CA was our September destination this year.  This is usually when we camp in Hope Valley, but, with the fire danger being so extreme, we decided it wasn’t a good time to be off the grid and chickened out.  So, earlier in the summer I started looking for an alternative place to camp in the mountains.  We chose Movin’ West based on the pictures featured on the website combined with the reviews we’d read, clearly knowing we were taking a gamble.  We didn’t know anyone who’d been there and were totally unfamiliar with Graeagle.  But, somehow, it felt right.

Graeagle is located in eastern Plumas County 50 miles north of Lake Tahoe or about 45 miles north on Highway 89 from Truckee...

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Shelter Cove RV Park & Campground

Shelter Cove was not the original plan for our family camp out…… Sequoia National Park was.  But, as we got closer and closer to our reservation date for Dorst Creek Campground, the possibility of it being closed due to a lack of water became more of a worry.  The park service assured those with reservations that if that happened we would be rerouted to Kings Canyon Campground.  That solution wasn’t attractive to us because it gets pretty hot there in the summer.  So, Chris took it upon himself to find another place and Shelter Cove is what he found.

Frankly, I was doubtful of a place that had availability in July without much advance notice...

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The Furry Thief

This is Lily.  She likes to steal things primarily from my sewing/craft room.  Some of her favorite things to steal are…………

…………my patterns.  She also likes………


……….all writing utensils.  Some of the other things she’s taken are……..


…..sewing notions and……


……  paint and paint brushes.  Or if guests leave their personal items on the bathroom counter she’s been known to take…


…. an occasional toothbrush.  But, what really took the cake was when she stole my……..

DSCN3012…….fishing weights!  I had been painting them in preparation to make table cloth weights out of them and I found one downstairs, under an area rug.

We think she’s bored and would prefer the life that nature intended her to have filled with exploring and hunting instead of stuck indoors 24/7...

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Let There Be Light…. a product review

Why it took me so long to figure this out and solve my problem is beyond me!

When we got our 5th wheel in 2008 I was thrilled with the kitchen pantry.  It really has more than enough space to fill our needs.  But, during our first outing an annoying issue became apparent…..at night, when it was dark outside, looking into the pantry was like gazing into a black hole…no matter how many lights were on inside the trailer.  Now, I know this is not an earth shattering problem — merely an annoyance and maybe that’s why I let 7 years go by before I came up with a solution.  And……here it is…….



They come 3 to a package and were purchased on Amazon for $7.04.

 This is what one looks like.  Each light uses 3 AAA batteries.  


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All The Light We Cannot See….. A Book Review

A Blind girl in 1940’s France……a brilliant orphan boy in 1940’s Germany….a rare diamond and a Nazi officer obsessed with finding it….an old, reclusive Frenchman with a powerful radio hidden away during the Nazi occupation…..  


All the Light

“All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr is the story of this diverse cast of characters (along with a numerous supporting cast as well) and the circumstances which cause their lives to intersect.  

I loved this book.  The chapters (which are brief) are told in alternating voices and bounce from the past to the present.  The writing is beautiful, the characters are vivid and the story engrossing.  What more could you ask for in a novel?



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Kirk Creek Campground

Kirk Creek is a little piece of Big Sur paradise.  One of the first places we tried out, long ago, when we first got our little Sunny Brook trailer, was Kirk Creek Campground.

Kirk Creek 6

We were so excited to have a travel trailer that was self contained and freed us up to go places we wouldn’t have gone before. 

Kirk Creek 7

Kirk Creek is located near the south end of the stretch of Highway 1 known as Big Sur. There are multiple campgrounds along Big Sur but I think that Kirk Creek Campground is one of the few (if not the only) that is actually situated on the ocean side of Highway 1.  It’s not a large campground with only 32 sites.  But, as it is located on a bluff overlooking the ocean, every site, not only the ones along the edge, has an ocean view.

Kirk Creek 11

There are multiple ways to spend your time...

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Left Neglected — A Book Review

My friend, Nancy, sent me an email recommending this book.  She said she had found it “fascinating”.  So, I added it to my request list at the library and it came in right before our spring camping trip at Sycamore Ranch.  

Left Neglected

“Left Neglected” is the story of Sarah Nickerson, a career driven, super-mom, living in an affluent Boston suburb.  She thrives on balancing the heavy demands of her job and the hectic schedules of her three children, priding herself on never letting a single minute go to waste.  Then one rainy drive to work, trying to take advantage of what she considered to be a spare minute to make a call, results in a tragic car accident leaving her with a traumatic brain injury.

The title of this book, “Left Neglected”, is the name of the brain injury Sarah suffers...

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Delta Marina RV Park

Delta Marina RV Park is located in Rio Vista, CA, right on the Sacramento River.  There are 25 sites with sites 3 -12 being waterfront and of those, only 3-6 can accomodate RV’s slides.  The rest of the sites are situated in the middle of the lot right after you pull off of the street.  It’s really no larger than a small parking lot.


We stayed at Delta Marina several winters ago when we were checking out the destinations closer to home and were in one of the waterfront sites.

 It was nice having the view of the river right out the back window.  

The sunrise in the morning could be stunning and blinding as well.  But, for me, this was pretty much the only plus.

If fishing or boating is your thing I could understand the appeal of Delta Marina.  

There’s a great pier for fishin...

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