A Nice Surprise

Sutter Creek is a little town on  Hwy 49 about 5 miles from the Jackson Rancheria RV Park in Jackson, CA where we recently spent 4 nights.

On our last day we decided to drive into Sutter Creek to browse their antique shops.  I had something specific in mind that I hadn’t found in the antique shops in Jackson’s historic district.  So, we took our time looking through a couple of shops that were open.  

I’ve often found that shops in these tiny towns do not always adhere to the hours of operation listed on their doors.  Maybe, after the posted 11:00 – 5:00 they should add in parenthesis “If I’m feelin’ it”.  So, when I say that we looked through the ones that were open it means there were at least two others that should have been, according to their posted hours, but weren’t.  I still didn’t find what I was looking for.  Maybe it was behind one of those locked doors.  We’ll never know.  


Anyway…..we crossed the road to see what was on the other side (because, apparently, we’re just like the fabled chicken!) and found side by side Water Street Interiors and the Sutter Creek Cheese Shoppe. I have to admit that the Cheese Shoppe held the biggest attraction for me because cheese is just about the best thing on the planet.  Also, I anticipated that Water Street Interiors would be a retailer featuring “cookie cutter” new merchandise which doesn’t have a lot of appeal for me.  But we chose to go inside Water Street Interiors first and what a nice surprise it was.  

There was nothing “cookie cutter” about their merchandise.  They had furniture crafted with reclaimed wood and repurposed iron, etc.  You know that guy, Clint, that Chip and Joanna Gaines employ on HGTV’s Fixer Upper to make unique tables and kitchen islands, and other wonderful things?  That’s the type of unique pieces sold at Water Street Interiors.  Yep, they had the dining room table perfect for hosting my Sunday family dinners.  Unfortunately, that’s NOT the item I was searching for or even vaguely close to the budget I had set aside.  So, we left that shop empty handed.  But, if you’re looking for something cool like Clint would make check out Water Street Interiors on Hwy 49 in Sutter Creek, CA.

It was now time to visit the Sutter Creek Cheese Shoppe………

……….and inside we found that they share their space with Miller Wine Works.  Miller Wine Works is a local vintner consisting of Gary Miller and his wife…….Mrs. Miller (never caught her name).  Mrs. Miller was working the wine tasting bar and informed us that there were two wine tasting options.

  • Option # 1 —   Wine   or  
  • Option #2 —  Wine paired with different cheeses  

We chose option #2.  Now, I don’t know about you but I think that a cheese business sharing space with a wine business is ingenious because guess what?  We walked out of there with wine and cheese!   

The Millers have made some very good wines.  We purchased two different whites as well as two different reds  

          along with a lovely hunk of delicious sheep cheese!  That made the 5 mile trek worth it.  

After our outing we went back to our trailer and enjoyed our view with……..

                              ………a little of this and….

                                   …  a little of that.  

And, yes, it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything.  More about that later.




3 comments to A Nice Surprise

  • Gregory Smith  says:

    Sounds like two places Marie and I would like to visit. Thanks, Susan!

  • Christopher Webster  says:

    Susan, did you guys take a picture of the table you liked? I would enjoy seeing it.

    • sbainter1958  says:

      Unfortunately, no, Chris. I was a dingbat. It never crossed my mind at the time!

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