Bodega Head

One of the best things about our visit to Bodega Bay is Bodega Head.  If I’m going to be good and get some exercise other than walking the dogs, I walk/jog the trails at Bodega Head. Bodega Head is just a short drive from Porto Bodega RV Park. Just follow the road around the bay and it ends at the parking lot of Bodega Head where you come face to face with the dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean.

DSCN3622I chose to workout two different mornings.  I had to “talk” myself into it both days but was never sorry.  It was such a pick-me-up and a wonderful start to the day.  One morning was clear and one started off foggy but both were calm with no wind.  These were the only times during our entire stay that the wind abated.

Bodega Head Trail 2The trail winds back and forth along the hilly terrain of the coast returning again and again to ocean vistas.  Something is always blooming, the smell is so sweet and the sky so blue.  And…I almost always have visitors.   

Bodega Head watching deer 2                                                                                                                                                                       This little lady watched from a proper distance on my second outing and she wasn’t alone.

Bodega Head 3 deerI had three cautious observers that morning.  Only on rare occasions have I not come across deer on these morning outings at Bodega Head.  Once, as I was walking the trail I encountered a doe and her twins and have always regretted that I didn’t have a camera.  So, this time I had my iPhone already on the camera setting as I started out and I wasn’t disappointed.

DSCN3655Greg had managed to snap a photo of this fawn the day before.  On the day of my three companions I also saw two coyotes running through the tall grass but wasn’t fast enough with the camera to capture them.

Bodega Head foggy trail     So, instead I snapped one of the fog as it was burning off over the ocean.

Bodega Head Egret               I did manage to catch this egret before it flew away.

DSCN3616        And, of course, these critters are always hanging around.

Bodega Head Thistle and Bumble BeeThere were thistles and bumble bees and naturally……………………….

photo…………………California Poppies.  The north coast is really a wonderful place. 



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  • Melody  says:

    Beautiful pics mom!

  • Greg  says:

    Wish we were back there now! 🙂

    • sbainter1958  says:

      Me too!

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