We were back in the land of “The Birds” and our friends said they’d made a new discovery last year when they camped in Bodega Bay.  This was a discovery worth sharing and making into a tradition.

Just 5 minutes or so past the town of Bodega is the town of Freestone, a place we’ve breezed past on our way to Sebastopol more than once without a blink of an eye.  

Just turn left on the Bohemiann Hwy and there you are.  


Our destination was the Wildflour Bread Bakery where delicious breads are baked in a wood fired brick oven.  


The bakery is only open Friday through Monday and when we got there the line was out the door.


But, they must be very used to these crowds and had a great system for quick service….not that they rush you as you are offered a taste of anything you may be interested in.  They primarily offer breads and scones.


This is one of the Meyer Lemon Cherry Marzipan scones and, yes, it was delicious.  Since everything looked and smelled fantastic we over bought.  Warning!  Don’t go hungry!  They have a small eating area inside and more tables outside but, mainly, this is a buy and leave place.  You wouldn’t want to sit outisde and try to eat the Cinnamon Stickybun you purchased unless you came prepared with a large packet of wet wipes!  


They do have a lovely garden that customers are welcome to walk through.


It’s filled with flowers, vegetables and berries and is gorgeous. 

Next to the Wildflour Bakery is a sweet little shop called Enduring Comforts.


 They have a wonderful selection of hats, scarves, unique garments and jewelry along with some antiques.


 I purchased a lovely scarf for a very reasonable price.

 While in line at the bakery we overheard one man telling another about a cheese shop just down the road.  So, that was the next stop.


Freestone Artisan Cheese was, maybe, a quarter mile further down the Bohemiann Hwy.  They also were doing a brisk business.  


Along with wonderful selections of handcrafted cheeses they sell olive oils grown and pressed locally, nuts and crepes.  Everything we tasted was wonderful and we walked away with a small hunk of Fiscalini which is a white, sharp cheddar…….yummy!  

There was nothing left to do except to stop at the market in Bodega to pick up some of their clam chowder to accompany our fresh sourdough from Wildflour.

All this bread and cheese doesn’t help to get me any closer to my Weight Watchers goal.  But, once a year is only once a year!  As my Weight Watchers leader says, “Build a bridge and get over it!”  So, I made sure I was out walking the very next morning and………


……..was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this mom and her twins….reward enough for a little exercise!  


Next time you’re in the area check out Freestone.  You won’t be disappointed.

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