Memorial Day 2014

While the Memorial Day holiday signals for many people the start of the camping season we tend to take a pass due to the crowds.  But, we do have a tradition and it is centered around camping.  We take a drive up Highway 88 to check out the Woods Lake area and Hope Valley.  In years past we would be assessing the impact of winter and when it looked like camping would be possible.  This is the high country.  The Woods Lake area is in the 8000 elevation range and Hope Valley in the 7000’s.  So, the severity of the winter determines when camping will be possible.  That’s no longer our purpose as we can’t get our rig into the Woods Lake area any longer and we wait until early September to camp at Hope Valley to avoid the crowds.  Since California is in the middle of a terrible drought it was no surprise to find that camping in the high country would have been completely possible this year during the Memorial Day weekend. 

Our first stop was in the Woods Lake area.  There is a regular campground at Woods Lake but we never camped there.  We camped in the wilderness areas in the general vicinity.

memorial day 2014This was our favorite spot when I was a kid.  My folks referred to it as “the knoll” and were always hoping it wouldn’t be occupied when we arrived. 

meadow memorial day 2014


Later, Mom decided that the meadow just beyond this spot was better as it was always sunny and, being a meadow, less dirty.  She was right,  that was a great spot to camp and still would be if it was allowed.

photoMemorial Day 2014

But, even if the Forest Service hadn’t blocked off the meadow with huge boulders and a post, the tree that went down across the road this winter makes it extremely clear……ain’t nobody camping in there unless they park elsewhere and haul everything in.

Woods Lake Dad & Sharon

It might have been this tree as I couldn’t locate it yesterday.  This tree had been at the edge of “the knoll” for as long as I remember.  Much of it’s center was burnt out and made a fun place to play when I was little.  This is my sister, Sharon, with Dad circa 1960’s cat-eye-glasses era.

creek memorial day 2014This is the creek that runs along the meadow.  We used to set our canned beverages in the bottom of it and they would stay icy cold.

After this brief stint down memory lane we got back onto Highway 88, drove up over Carson Pass and down into Hope Valley arriving right about noon.  There were still a few campers packing up their gear and getting ready to head home.  The skies were a brilliant blue, the meadows green, the scenery stunning and no mosquitoes!

Hope Valley Memorial Day 2014How we wished we were there with our 5th wheel!  It was absolutely perfect.  And, since everyone was going home, our favorite spot was available.  So, we determined that after a mild winter, camping in Hope Valley starting the final day of the holiday weekend, would be an excellent plan IF we were retired.  But, until then,  those pesky jobs of ours tend to get in the way.

Sorenson's Memorial Day 2014Oh well…….It’s on to Sorenson’s for a delicious lunch followed by their yummy berry cobbler and then the drive home.  See you in September Hope Valley.


4 comments to Memorial Day 2014

  • Randy Stringer  says:

    Since you are driving up 88 you should stop by!

    • sbainter1958  says:

      Thought about you as we passed by!

  • Judi  says:

    well i love your writing! You REALLY should do a nice newsy xmas letter.

    • sbainter1958  says:

      It would NEVER be as entertaining as yours!

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