Off the Grid

It used to be that any time we were camping we were “off the grid”.  Those were the days before  a smartphone was in everyone’s hand demanding attention.  Now days the only time we are truly off the grid is when we camp in Hope Valley.  Not only are we camping without any hook-ups whatsoever, but there is absolutely no cell service as well.  I don’t think I realized how dependent I’d become on constant information until this year’s trip to Hope Valley.  I’m not sure it took a complete 24 hours to adjust but the 1st day of our trip the silence seemed “very loud” as Greg put it.

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The view out our front door was huge, wide open, spectacular……and silent.

It was what occurred 13 years ago today that got me addicted to information.  We still had two kids at home and in school at that time and a hard and fast rule at our house was … NO TV BEFORE SCHOOL.  So, I never watched the morning news before heading off to work.  And, I never listened to the radio on the drive to work as I always chose to listen to a CD. Therefore, that fateful day, on Sept.11, 2001, I arrived at work not having any clue about what was going on across the country.  I got a call from my youngest daughter shortly after I walked in my office with the unbelievable news that my co-workers quickly confirmed.  One of my co-workers had brought a small, portable TV with her so that we could keep up with what was going on but, the principal of the site I was at at that time, declared that we were not to turn on any TVs or radios and even went so far as to remove the TV from the staff room.  To this day I still don’t know what her reasoning was but through the years I’ve learned that being highly educated does not mean wise or even necessarily intelligent.  But, because of that, the TV is turned on EVERY morning so we can make sure the world is still there.  In Hope Valley it’s time to let that go.

As we sat in our chairs outside our trailer, napping, reading and enjoying our view we chose to embrace the silence and allow the burdens of everyday life to lift off our shoulders and truly relax.  We decided it was okay to not know if the Giants were winning or losing for a few days or what the President was going to do about the bad guys or what anyone was posting on Facebook.

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Instead we spent our days exploring the area with our dogs and saw the toll that the drought was taking on the waterways.

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Noted that there wasn’t a smidge of snow left on any of the ridges.

…….And discovered that even with the drought the Indian Paint Brush still finds a way to bloom.  

We took lots of pleasure in the family members who came to join us for a couple of days.

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Feeling lucky that we got to become a part of Sophia’s camping memories and looking forward to more in the future.  

During our last night there a storm passed through and we were awakened in the wee hours of the morning by the boom of thunder and the crack of lightening.  The silence was broken.  I prayed that the lightening wouldn’t strike a tree starting a forest fire.  So, on our last morning we opened up the trailer door to find….

……  a beautiful double rainbow and that the world was still there.

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  • Rosie  says:

    Love it Mom!!!

  • Jacky  says:

    That thunder was sooo loud! Glad we were able to join you guys. 🙂

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