Return to Graeagle

We returned to Graeagle this September and, once again, had a wonderful time.  On top of the usual 3 R’s…..Resting, Reading and Relaxing….we made a point of checking out some places that were new to us including some RV parks.  Now, I don’t feel that I can review these RV parks because I haven’t stayed at any of them.  So, I’ll just share what I saw and some facts that are available.  

The first one is Clios Rivers Edge RV Park.  Clio is a tiny, tiny town located next to Graeagle.  This RV park is the first one I came upon online when I originally was looking for something in the area.  It’s fairly large and all sites have full-hook ups including cable and Wifi.  The park is situated in the trees but, to us, it felt claustrophobic….the spaces just seemed very close to each other.  There are “premium” spots that are situated along the river’s edge (hence the name) but, “river” wouldn’t be a term I’d use as it was more of a trickle.  That may be due to the time of year.  Maybe it is more of a river in June.  Their rates are anywhere from $38 to $50 with a $2 per dog, per day charge.  For more information you can check out their website at .  It’s not our cup of tea but it might be yours.

Little Bear RV Park is located in nearby Blairsden.  This one is a little more off the beaten path, but not too far — maybe a mile.  This is a very nice park with full hook-ups, satellite TV, Wifi and their own market.  It’s nicely landscaped, clean and the people in the office were very friendly.  The sites were situated amidst the trees but, like Clios Rivers Edge, seemed rather close together.  It also seemed that the “premium” spots on the outer edge were mostly taken up by folks who were there for the entire season.  Their rates are from $39 to $45.  You can find out all their details on their website at .  We could see ourselves staying there if we didn’t like Movin’ West RV Park so much.  

Eagle Ridge RV Park is literally right down the road from Movin’ West RV Park, on the way to Johnsville.  We didn’t drive through it but it appeared to be nicely kept and that’s about the only information I have on it.  They do not have a website but can be located on Facebook.  

Although all of these RV parks were nice we came to the conclusion that we were happy where we were at Movin’ West RV Park.


                                             Our site felt so spacious.  


And, not only is it situated in the trees but we had plenty of grassy space as well.


                The flowers around the park are beautiful also………


            ……..showing how much pride they have in the place.  

I also had no idea how much I’d love being able to walk into town from where we’re camped.  Every morning Charlotte and I would take the two mile walk that started at the dirt road behind our campsite, pass through a neighborhood and end up on the main drag in town.  Every morning we came across some deer and one morning….


…… entire herd.  Charlotte is such a good girl that she never barks when she sees them.  She just hops in place.  I guess she’s jumping for joy. 

The other thing I really appreciate about our site at Movin’ West is the view……..


 This is the view from our site when the sun starts to go down.  I require a good view.  

Something else that we checked out during this stay in Graeagle was the Plumas-Eureka State Park in Johnsville.  Johnsville is an old, and almost non existent, gold mining town just 5 miles west of Graeagle.  Much of the gold mining operation has been turned into the State Park and they have done a wonderful job of preservation and seem to have a large group of committed volunteers that act as docents at the park. One volunteer spent a good deal of time with us in the Actuary Office and was very interesting.  


                       They have an outdoor museum …………


                               ……… well as an indoor museum.  


                             There is a working blacksmith shop …………..


 ………….and gold panning for the kiddies.  Where else can you find all day entertainment for $4??  We plan on bringing the grandkids here some day.  The Plumas-Eureka State Park has a campground as well that we did not check out.  But, if interested, more information can be found at .  

One more new discovery this year was The Village Baker in Blairsden.  


The Village Baker is a full service bakery offering pies, cakes, breads, rolls, pastries, cookies — you name it!  Special orders are available for wedding and birthday cakes.  We went there with the intent of getting some bread to go with the stew for our dinner and told ourselves to stick to that plan as past experience has taught us that we tend to over purchase when faced with lots of yummy options.  So, we bought a small sourdough round (which was excellent) for our dinner but couldn’t resist a bag of assorted pastries on the “day old” rack sold for a bargain.  This means that we didn’t exactly “stick with the plan” but, on the other hand, we didn’t overdo it either.  Those pastries were very, very good (even day old).  One in particular that had, what tasted to be, a coconut cream filling of sorts and toasted coconut on the top, I thought was exceptionally good and nothing I’d ever had in a pastry.  The Village Baker is one more thing to list in the “plus” column for Graeagle and will definitely be a part of our future trips there.  I’ll just have to take more walks with Charlotte to work off the pastries!

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