Seems It’s Always About The Water….

Last November we made our annual trek to Sunset Beach.  Sunset Beach, being a California State Park, does not provide any hook-ups.  We decided to stay 5 nights therefore, our challenge was water…… making sure that the water in our tanks was enough for 5 days as well as having enough space in the holding tanks.

There are two ways to seriously conserve water in an RV…..

#1.  plan meals that require very little clean up and…..

#2. take advantage of the coin operated showers.  

I rocked the meal preparation part (in fact, stay tuned for Water Saving Tips Part 2 coming your way soon) so we probably could have skipped the coin operated showers completely but Greg agreed to take all showers in the park facilities while I agreed to using them on hair washing days only.

So, Greg headed over there on our first morning with the number of quarters it had always required in the past to complete his showers only to have the water run out just as he was all soaped up.



He had no choice but to towel off, dress and head back to the trailer to rinse off.  I asked if he had read the instructions to see if the price had risen, after all, we’ve been in a drought for quite a while.  He said he didn’t take his glasses so he couldn’t read it.  After I finished laughing at him, and he rinsed the soap off in our own shower, we went back to the showers to read the details and, yes, the price for water had risen significantly. What used to take me 2 quarters for my shower went up to at least 6 quarters.

There’s water saving and then there’s water reactions…    We amused ourselves one afternoon watching the little girl, camped a few spaces away, go to the water spigot across from us, take off her boots and stick a foot in the running water to rinse it off.


But, the running water brought a reaction that resulted with the little girl grabbing herself and doing the pee-pee dance causing her to put her wet foot down in the dirt.  Thus the seemingly endless cycle began… rinse foot…pee-pee dance….foot covered in dirt…..rinse foot etc., etc., etc.  until the little girl gave up and ran back to camp yelling, “Mom!”  What can I say?  We are easily entertained.

So we’ve had water saving, water reactions and now it’s water damage (groan)…  We got home after a hitch with getting re-hitched and took the trailer into the shop to be repaired saying, “Oh by the way…. can you also check out this little bulge in the siding?”  


That’s what led to the discovery of water damage.  Apparently, we’d had a long, unknown leak and the entire back end of the trailer needed replacing.  Oh!  And, the roof as well since that is where the leak originated! Thus began the long back and forth of will the insurance cover it or decide to total it.  They covered it, thankfully, and after two long months we had our trailer back.  

Fast forward to March.  We have 5 nights set aside for Sycamore Ranch.  But, the week prior we’d had lots and lots of rain (no complaints!).  So, we checked the county’s website daily to make sure the campground hadn’t been closed due to flooding.  After all it sits right along a tributary of the Yuba River and flooding has caused us to reschedule before.  But, day after day there were no closures listed and the weather report was looking pretty good.  So, we headed out as soon as I got off work and arrived in an hour and a half to find it…..


……CLOSED due to FLOODING!!!  Once again it’s about the water and ……shame on Yuba County for failing to update the status of the campground.  The campground host said he’d had to turn away multiple campers who’d come from much further away than we had!

Okay…, sometimes it’s NOT about the water.  It’s about not having photos of what your post is about so you pester your son-in-law into whipping out some quick sketches for you!  A big thank you to my son-in-law, Grant Yuhre, for giving me exactly what I asked for!  Click on Grant’s name to view his REAL art.

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