Shelter Cove Minus the RV

We opted to return to Shelter Cove this summer but instead of RVing it we rented a house large enough to host the entire family…..which, at this point, is 9 adults and 3 kiddos.  Driving cars over that steep and winding road wasn’t nearly as daunting as hauling RV’s over it.  So, getting there was a lot less stressful if you don’t count the challenge of getting everything to fit in the trunk of the car!

The home we rented was located on Lower Pacific Rd. and backed up to the ocean.  So, when you walk in the front door you are immediately greeted with the glorious view of the ocean via the almost total wall of windows and french doors across the back of the house.


That view alone made the house rental a hit.  Wow!

Leaving the 5th wheel at home also meant leaving the dogs at home as the rental did not allow pets.  But, besides an awesome view, we were also greeted by two of the town locals,


                             Jag and……………




 Apparently, Jag (A.K.A. Shorty) is considered the unofficial ambassador of Shelter Cove as he takes it upon himself to greet ALL visitors. And, he was faithful to come by to play with the kids, “request” a treat, and basically give us our “doggie fix” every day.  We loved it!

Although this was a return trip for some of us, for others Shelter Cove was a new experience.  Any concerns I may have had that they would find it boring quickly dissipated as everyone was in complete agreement that the town was a gem.  When people ask what there is to do in Shelter Cove the answer can be “not much” or “a  lot” depending on who’s asking.  You see, there’s not a lot of restaurants, shopping or night life.  But, if you’re good at making your own entertainment there’s a lot to do.  

Here’s what we did…….  


Chris and Brian spent a day on a kayak fishing expedition via Loleta Eric’s Guide Service.  They had a fantastic time both catching a salmon and several ling and rock cod and highly recommend Eric’s services.  Clicking on the link will take you to his website.

Greg, Chris and Grant spent an afternoon golfing.  The 9 hole golf course is located along the airstrip in the center of town.  It’s a self-serve golf course operating on the honor system with a kiosk where you pay.  


There was kite flying off the back patio……….


……………with a fishing pole.


Daily visits from local wildlife.


Exploring the black sand beaches and tide pools .  


                     Birthday Celebrations!  


                  Hiking the trails.


                          Touring the lighthouse.


                   Evenings around the fire pit.  


                Afternoons of music ……….


           ………..and play on the back patio.  


          Seal watching.


Karaoke Night at the local amphitheater at the RV Park.  


                         Auntie bonding time.


And for me…… daily walking the two mile loop of Lower Pacific and Upper Pacific Rd. (sometimes twice!) and passing by the Shelter Cove Church whose pastor is named Bruce Willis (tee hee). Yes, I’m easily amused.


And, a lot of this…..

Although I love going places in our RV and having my own home away from home, renting this house was the right choice for us.


It enabled the entire family a Shelter Cove vacation and was a huge hit for one and all.  We’ve already booked the house for next summer.



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