The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

We took our annual trip to Sunset Beach last month and while we were there I got the urge to go check out the New Brighton State Beach which wasn’t too many miles up the coast line.

Greg and our friends had checked it out several years ago when I had to stay home to care for my mother. New Brighton’s campground is right on the coast and actually has some sites with hook-ups.  This is pretty much unheard of for California State Parks.

I have to admit….. I was being driven by the “grass is greener” syndrome.  Maybe we could have the best of both worlds at New Brighton……camping on the coast AND hook-ups.  It would be awfully nice to not have to constantly be mindful of our water use……wouldn’t have to use the campground showers, or use the generator to charge up the batteries.  Here’s what I discovered.  Although New Brighton did have several campsites that backed up somewhat close to the cliffs, to actually SEE the ocean you needed to walk to the edge to look.  It wasn’t like this.

Our favorite space #25 at Sunset Beach gives you an ocean view all the time……

…….from all angles.  Just love that space #25!

The biggest surprise about New Brighton was how unkempt and shabby it looked.  Everything seemed overgrown and as if no maintenance had been taking place.

Whereas, the quality maintenance at Sunset Beach was very obvious.  Observe how neat and tidy it looked!  And, you know, that was pretty much all it took to make me realize that, indeed, the grass was not greener at New Brighton!  

We drove back to Sunset Beach and I couldn’t help but notice how nice, neat and spacious our campsite was….

…and how much space there was between us and our closest neighbors.  Once you let go of what might be better it’s easier to appreciate what you have.  

Steak for dinner tonight?  Yes, please!

 A beautiful sunset in spite of the clouds.

 A perfect campfire and a glass of wine to go with our view.  Okay…where are the marshmallows?

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