Delta Marina RV Park

Delta Marina RV Park is located in Rio Vista, CA, right on the Sacramento River.  There are 25 sites with sites 3 -12 being waterfront and of those, only 3-6 can accomodate RV’s slides.  The rest of the sites are situated in the middle of the lot right after you pull off of the street.  It’s really no larger than a small parking lot.



We stayed at Delta Marina several winters ago when we were checking out the destinations closer to home and were in one of the waterfront sites.

 It was nice having the view of the river right out the back window.  

The sunrise in the morning could be stunning and blinding as well.  But, for me, this was pretty much the only plus.

If fishing or boating is your thing I could understand the appeal of Delta Marina.  

There’s a great pier for fishing and a boat launch as well.  Otherwise, I don’t see any appeal at all to staying in the non water front sites.  

It’s a parking lot with a view of this……  

The sites are very close together and other than the small strip of grass between the trailer and the water, everything is asphalt and cement.  There’s not really any place to walk the dogs.  And….speaking of walking the dogs…….. one of the employees noticed Walter when Greg was walking him and cautioned him to “not let the manager see that dog”.  According to her the manager did not allow pit bulls at the RV park.  That was news to us as this was not stated on the website and it still isn’t.  The website states that aggressive dogs are not allowed.  Now, I know if you just met Walter on the street you could make the assumption that he was an aggressive dog.  But….

... does this look aggressive to you?  Dang!  I wish I was still that thin and I wish cancer had not taken Walter at such an early age.

 If Delta Marina looks like your cup of tea here’s what you need to know:  

1. They provide full hook ups including cable TV and wifi.

2. Reservations can only be made by phone at 1-866-744-2315.

3.  The  current fee for a waterfront site is $45.

4. No aggressive dogs allowed so leave those vicious chihuahuas at home!

I can’t give this place any stars.  Although I can find some merit in the waterfront sites  I find none anywhere else and I just can’t abide breed prejudice.


One comment to Delta Marina RV Park

  • Greg  says:

    the waterfront hookups are designed for motor homes as they pull in front first. Makes it awkward for trailers. Used the opposite side hookups from the site next to us. No one was there. Nosy camper squealed on me and I got a lecture from the manager

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