Kirk Creek Campground

Kirk Creek is a little piece of Big Sur paradise.  One of the first places we tried out, long ago, when we first got our little Sunny Brook trailer, was Kirk Creek Campground.

Kirk Creek 6

We were so excited to have a travel trailer that was self contained and freed us up to go places we wouldn’t have gone before. 

Kirk Creek 7

Kirk Creek is located near the south end of the stretch of Highway 1 known as Big Sur. There are multiple campgrounds along Big Sur but I think that Kirk Creek Campground is one of the few (if not the only) that is actually situated on the ocean side of Highway 1.  It’s not a large campground with only 32 sites.  But, as it is located on a bluff overlooking the ocean, every site, not only the ones along the edge, has an ocean view.

Kirk Creek 11

There are multiple ways to spend your time.  A path from the campground leads to a rocky beach.   The biggest sandy beach on Big Sur is a 5 mile drive and across the highway there is a hiking trail.  But, this is how we chose to spend our time………

Kirk Creek !

………….sitting and watching whales go by ( and reading!).

Kirk Creek 5

If you’re looking for conveniences this isn’t the place for you as there are none.  You need to bring everything  including water.  Neither is it a convenient place to get to.  From Monterey it’s a 50 mile drive south on Highway 1 and this stretch of Highway 1 can be daunting.  There is one convenience now that they didn’t have when we went….. you can make reservations at…which is MUCH better than chancing it and hoping  you luck out and get a spot.  This is primarily why we haven’t returned.  Our first time we were very lucky and got probably the best site there.  The second time……not so lucky.  If relaxation, peacefulness and amazing beauty are your top priorities in RVing Kirk Creek is deserving of a 5 star rating.  And, at $25 a night, it’s also a bargain.

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