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It ‘s always fun to try out a new spot and that’s what we did last week when we went to Pelican Point RV Park in Half Moon Bay. 

Half Moon Bay is a lovely, coastal city just 30 miles south of San Francisco.  We had taken a day trip there several years back and I remembered walking their Main Street and browsing its cute shops.  So, I did an internet search for RV parks in Half Moon Bay and I’d love to say that I stumbled upon their website but I didn’t.  They’re not easy to find on the internet.  I came across them on a site that listed all the RV parks and campgrounds and also had reviews.  You know, those sites that have boxes checked off showing what amenities are available, how many and what types of sites there are and how much it costs.  They usually have links to the RV park’s website if there is one.  Pelican Point was the only one without a link.  But, it did have reviews and frankly, many of them were not very good.  The negative reviews were not in regards to the facilities at all but with disagreements they had with management, referring to them as “campground Nazis”, claiming that the rules were too rigid, etc.  I tend to take these type of reviews with a grain of salt because it does seem that, many times, the folks who write them are trying to “get back” at a business because something didn’t go their way.  So, after finding a couple of photos somewhere online and discussing it with the hubby and our friends, we decided to make reservations and check it out for ourselves. 

One of the negative comments that came up in more than one review was that if you showed up before check-in time (which is 1:00) you were told to leave and come back even if the site you reserved was vacant.  I can’t tell you whether that one’s right or wrong because we made a point of making sure we would not arrive early.  We decided to take the rules literally.  Our first impression upon arrival was……”hmmm….I don’t know.”  The campsites are a bit small and somewhat rundown looking. There are several people who are obviously living there and many of those sites looked downright junky.  When we checked in we found that they offered WiFi at $5 a day saying that the password changed daily at 1:00 and we would need to come back to the office each day to get the new password.  We paid for the WiFi as we did not want to use up our data plan on our devices but kind of felt nickled and dimed and that it was silly to have to go get a new password everyday.  After checking in they make you wait for someone to escort you to your site and help you back in.  Our spot was not a difficult one and we didn’t need the help but, so what? Maybe they have had people crash into stuff and figure this is a way it can always be avoided. 

Half Moon Bay 1


This is our rig in the corner spot with our friends right next to us.  Although they are a bit small and the “landscaped sites” that the brochure boasts of is only a small patch of grass behind where our truck parked between our sites, we ended up being very satisfied with where we were. 

Half Moon Bay 14We had enough space to set out our chairs under the awning and create our own lanai of sorts.

Half Moon Bay 11

After getting set up and walking around we discovered that there is an ocean view from every street. 

Half Moon Bay 9

And, we actually had an ocean view from our site. 

Half Moon Bay 4

It’s a very short walk to the ocean and beach access….maybe five minutes.  The path that leads down to the beach is part of their Coastal Trail. Between the RV  park and the ocean is a  gorgeous golf course.  This is part of the Half Moon Bay Golf Links and runs all along the ocean front for quite a ways. 

Half Moon Bay 5

This is the beach access and, amazingly enough, dogs are allowed.

Half Moon Bay 19

To the north of the beach access the Coastal Trail winds toward the Ritz Carlton and beyond.  I’m not sure how far it goes on that side.  Charlotte and I only took it as far as the opposite side of the Ritz Carlton. 


To take the trail south of the beach access you cross this wooden bridge. 


This is the view from half-way across the bridge.  It continues through the golf course on this side.  At times you can be sharing the coastal trail with golf carts. 


Here’s the end of the trail on the south side.


  And, here’s the view looking back.  Isn’t that beautiful?


This is the view from the end of the trail to the RV park.  Between the Par 4 sign and the garbage can you can see the white RV’s in the distance.

Half Moon Bay 7I have to say that this coastal trail and these views really made all the difference.  This is what makes Pelican Point RV Park a place we’ll be returning to.  Charlotte and I had beautiful walks and got plenty of exercise.  It’s a rare thing in California to have beaches and trails that you can enjoy with your dogs.  In fact….this was Charlotte’s very first time on a beach…. 

HMB 10

  At first she was captivated with all the seaweed and other crap that gets washed up on the sand.  I kept walking towards the surf and felt her stop thinking she was investigating more seaweed. 


But, she was sitting and staring at the ocean….frozen…. she had no intention of budging one step closer.  If Teddy had been there he would have shown her how fun it is to play in the surf and she probably would have joined in.  But, he was back with Greg in the trailer so it was just caution and awe.  It was a fun first experience to have with her.

Half Moon Bay 15One evening we took the Coastal Trail to the back side of the Ritz Carlton to watch the sun go down.  Oracle was having some sort of shindig there and there were lots of people enjoying the party.

Half Moon Bay 16The views were awesome and the folks who stay at the Ritz Carlton pay dearly for them.

Half Moon Bay 18But for about $50 bucks a night we enjoyed the same views after just a short and refreshing walk.

So, back to the negative reviews….  Here are the negatives we encountered with the people who ran it.  The Wifi that we paid $5 a day for rarely worked and on the second day, after getting the new password, it didn’t work at all.  Greg went to the office to see if there was something that could be done about it.  The lady who was working there said there was nothing she could do about it. So, Greg then asked for our money back since we paid extra for WiFi and weren’t able to actually get it.  She argued a bit and then said she would have to check with her manager.  After about 30 minutes she came over to our site with a refund for the WiFi.  Later, when our friends went to the office to ask about it she had their refund ready and waiting for them before they even asked.  The lady who worked there was definitely defensive and didn’t have the power or the common sense to make an obvious call on her own.  Another thing that came up was that my sister, Sharon, and her grandson came to visit us for a few hours one day while we were there.  She was informed that she would need to pay $3 a person and $2 to park. Sharon told the lady that she wasn’t staying, just visiting as she lived not too far away.  The lady told her that if she stayed more than 10 minutes she had to pay.  We have had visitors at almost every place we have ever stayed and they have never been made to pay.  I think that maybe in the past they had problems with people wanting to park there when they go to the beach.  But, at the beginning of the Coastal Trail, just steps from the entrance of the RV park, is a very nice FREE parking lot.  AND, if we had known that they were going to charge Sharon for a visit, we would have told her to park in that parking lot.  It was just silly. Was this pesky?  Yes, but it’s all stuff that can be dealt with and worked around. 

The positives to Pelican Point outweigh the negatives by far and, while we were there we drove around to the other three RV parks and none of them were our cup of tea at all. 

Here are the positives :

Location, location ,location….. couldn’t have been much better, 5 stars!

Nice restrooms with showers (not coined operated) that were cleaned daily.

Laundry room


Full Hook-ups

Cable that enabled us to not miss any Giant’s games! 

Decent price- every other place except for the State Park was quite a bit more.

The negatives are:

The place would be better without the long term residents or at least their junk.

There are no fire pits or BBQ (even though BBQ’s are listed in the brochure). 

The folks who run it are probably not meant for the hospitality business. 


We’re definitely going back again. And, I think that if someone got a hold of this place, cleaned it up a bit, added things like fire pits, created a website (all they have is an ancient looking brochure that looks like it was made 30 years ago)and had folks running it who understood hospitality, they could charge $75 a night because of the location. 

Here’s the info:  Pelican Point RV Park, 1001 Miramontes Point Rd., Half Moon Bay, CA  94109, (650)726-9100. Give it a try and see what you think.





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  • Melody  says:

    Is there tent campsites there or is it only RV sites? This would have been a great place for me and Grant to go for our anniversary. Since it is so close to us we will just have to go check it out! That picture of Charlotte needs to be framed! She is so funny.

    • sbainter1958  says:

      Good question….I meant to mention that,no, they do not provide space for any tent camping. That would be another logical improvement.

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