Rancho Seco Campground

Okay… I’m going to let you know right up front….although I am placing this in the “reviews” category, it isn’t a thorough review.  Why?  Because, frankly, I didn’t check out all that Rancho Seco offered so, therefore, I don’t know enough to comment on it.  This is what I DO know…..

We wanted to take our grandkids on a camp-out with us and since they were (at the time) 2, 3 and 4 years old we needed someplace “easy”.  We settled on Rancho Seco because it is a short drive from our home being located at 14960 Twin Cities Rd., Herald, CA.,  and provided the basics we needed for our camping experience.

Rancho Seco allows for both tent and RV camping, providing water and electric at the RV sites.  Although, they don’t provide sewer hook ups there is a dump station available.  The rates are extremely reasonable for RV’s at $20 a night November – February and $30 a night for March – October.  Although I would never consider camping there in the summer as they would have the same triple digit temperatures we get at home, being there in early March was very, very nice.  

The sites were nice and large…….

  …………with plenty of space between the neighboring campsites.  

There are nicely maintained roads for riding bikes and taking walks.  The campsites are spread with gravel. What’s nice about gravel you may be asking?  


Well….. it’s great for making roads and less dirt is tracked into Grandma’s trailer.  

Our site had it’s very own grove of trees complete with a stump in the center.  Which was perfect for playing “King or Queen of the Castle”.  


Not to mention the great opportunity it afforded for dramatic jumps.  

The lake at Rancho Seco has a beach at one section, a boat launch, kayak, paddle board and boat rentals. There is also a dog park with one section that is open to the lake for those canines that love to jump, swim and fetch those sticks that are tossed out in the water for them.  But, the most common thing happening at the lake is……..  


                 …………the fishing.  Our little ones were happy enough with these little blue fish on the ends of their lines.  But, there were lots of grown-ups reeling in nice sized trout.  

Although I passed by restrooms in the campground, I never took even a peak inside so I have no clue as to their condition.  And, the only thing I can tell you about the showers is that they are listed on the map!  

What I can tell you is that this ended up being an excellent choice for a camp-out with the grand-kids.

A good time was had by one and all.

For more information about Rancho Seco Recreational Area click on the link and check out their website or call for reservations at 1-800-416-6992.



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