Willow Creek Campground & RV Park

Finding Willow Creek Campground & RV Park was an accident.  We came upon it on a day trip to check out another campground.  I don’t even remember the intended campground other than we decided it was not for us.  We came upon Willow Creek on Highway 49. The folks in the office were kind enough to let us drive in and check it out.  We scoped out a site and later made some reservations.


Willow Creek is a privately owned park that has cabins to rent as well as RV and tent camping.  There is a year round creek that runs through the campground and the setting is picturesque but the facilities seemed a bit run down.


We chose the one RV site that was right next to the creek.  It was a challenge setting up as the site was far from being level and by the time we were, we practically needed a step ladder to get into the 5th wheel!  But, we felt the location was worth it.  It was nice to have that pretty creek right outside our door and hear it bubbling the entire time.  Also, in this particular site there isn’t anyone camping directly next to you.  So, it had a bit more privacy.


Another challenge at our site was that the water spigot needed some repair.  After hooking up our hose and turning it on it leaked and not just a little but a lot.  The campsites are on dirt and the leak was destined to create a nice muddy river from the spigot, under our trailer, through the campsite and down to the creek.  We turned it off and notified the folks in the office.  Soon after that a young man came by to check it out.  We learned that he had gotten a job for the summer at the campground and although he was sent to solve our problem, he had no idea whatsoever as to how to fix it.   He suggested a bucket!  Greg let him know that a bucket would not be an acceptable solution and told the young man that he could help him get it fixed.   The young man went and got his tools,  Greg told him what to do the spigot was fixed and the young man learned something new.


(There he is working on the faucet)

Overall our time at Willow Creek was very relaxing.  We went on lots of walks with the dogs, played board games and read books.  One evening we drove into Downieville  (which is a very cute town) and went to dinner.  We enjoyed our stay there but it’s not likely that we will go back.  We enjoyed the scenery and the bubbling brook and the staff was very friendly.  But, frankly, the rates are too high even if we didn’t have to help make repairs to the equipment at our campsite!


(Star Trek Monopoly!)

The rate for an RV site is $43.00 a night.  On top of that is the pet fee which is $5 per dog per day.  Since we have two dogs that bumped it up to $53.00 a night!  That extra $10 just kicked it up into the “not worth the price” designation.


( Another Campsite)

Here’s what they have to offer:


  • RV sites with hook-ups
  • Tent sites
  • Cabin Rentals
  • Laundry Room
  • Game Room
  • Showers
  • WiFi
  • Propane Station
  • Dump Station
  • Pretty Scenery
  • Walking Trails
  • 10 minutes to the North and Middle Fork of the Yuba River
  • 35 minutes from Downieville


The negatives are :


  • Too expensive
  • A bit run down

I would give this place 3 out of 5 stars. If you’re not put off by the price Willow Creek may be a place you would enjoy staying.  They do take reservations.


Willow Creek Campground and RV Park

17548 Highway 49

Camptonville, CA  95922


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