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Dogs Behind Bars


This is Walter and Teddy.  Every camping trip our dogs spend some of their time “behind bars” and it seems we end up taking a “dogs behind bars” picture or two during each trip we take.  So, I thought I’d share.  Walter is the brown one and Teddy is black.


Teddy seems to always be saying, “What are we going to do now?”  Walter LOVED the cage.  It had a cushy bed in it and was cozy for naps.  Naps are good.  Naps are very good.  Pacifico is good also.

This cage has seen better days.  We forgot to load it during our last trip so that made for a good excuse to drive into a nearby town and buy a new one.


Walter is still napping.  Teddy is still waiting to see what will happen next.  Camping is so much fun and who wants to waste it napping???   The little guy on the lead is Mr...

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