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Hope Valley

When I was a kid growing up we never camped in specified “camp grounds”.  We wilderness camped which meant that we didn’t pay any camping fees  and had more privacy.  This also meant that we didn’t have any conveniences….no water spigots, no toilets of any kind, no picnic tables, no fire pits other than the ones we made ourselves.  A lot more people did that in those days which meant that sometimes we didn’t get our favorites spots as they were already occupied when we arrived.  The other convenience we did not have was “reservations”.  

A favorite spot of my family’s was in the Woods Lake area which is off of Highway 88 just before you reach Carson Pass...

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Water Saving Tips in the Kitchen

When you’re dry camping and need to make the water in your tanks stretch, it’s imperative that you find ways to use as little water as possible in your RV kitchen.  The key is to find ways to ensure that you have as few dishes to wash as possible.  There’s always the obvious……using paper plates and bowls for meals.  Here are a few that are useful as well.

  • BBQing as much as possible cuts down on pots and pans.
  • Foil pans for use in the oven….. I usually prepare something ahead of time like stew and then put it in a foil pan and heat it up in the oven instead of using the stove top.  Then the foil pan is thrown away after the meal.
  • Parchment paper or foil can also save a pan that goes in the oven from  needing to be washed.
  • Plenty of paper towels!  Before washing any pots, etc...
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