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Still the Best Kept Secret

The last week in March we made our annual visit to Sycamore Ranch RV Park.  California is in the midst of the worst drought we’ve experienced in over 30 years so, of course, it finally decided to rain during this scheduled trip.  But, since  January and February had been fairly stressful months and we’d already had to cancel our first trip of the year, nothing short of the park being flooded out was going to keep us from going.  We were so glad we went.


The park was it’s usual beautiful self.


We got our favorite spot right next to the river.  This is the view out our back window.


It only really poured one day.  So, we got plenty of walks in.


And were able to enjoy being outdoors and visiting with our friends.


Can’t go camping without ONE “dogs behind bars” pic.


We practically h...

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