Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

I went to our public library’s web site a while back to look for Stephen King’s latest release “Revival” and in the process discovered “Mr. Mercedes”.  I didn’t like the title and I didn’t like the cover.  Yes, I know we are not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover…..and I don’t.  But, isn’t it nice when the cover is appealing?  Anyway, “Revival” had a long wait list of which I joined and “Mr. Mercedes” was a bit shorter.  I was running out of reading material so I requested it as well.  

I got an email in mid-February from the library saying it was my turn for “Mr. Mercedes”…it was there waiting for me to pick it up.  This turned out to be perfect timing.  I didn’t feel so great that day but the next morning woke up with a miserable cold.  The kind of cold whose overwhelming symptoms can only be endured by taking medications that leave you in a stupefied, semi-comatose state.  For the next three days I laid on the couch, took my stupefying meds and read “Mr. Mercedes” in my lucid moments.

Mr Mercedes



 “Mr. Mercedes” is about retired police detective, Bill Hodges, who has been unable to find purpose in his new status and is contemplating suicide.  Then he gets a letter in the mail from the perpetrator of a heinous crime left unsolved at the time of his retirement.  This gives Bill renewed purpose as he is drawn back into the mystery, feeling compelled to find Mr. Mercedes before he strikes again.

 I loved the character of Bill Hodges.  He’s a flawed yet decent human that you want to root for.  You want good things to happen to him.  You want him to be happy.  You want him to find Mr. Mercedes who is creepy-evil and, seemingly, a very ordinary person.  The everyday people who end up being Hodges’ side-kicks are great characters as well.  

Normally, I am not the detective/thriller genre type.  But, I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  I read another review of this book recommending it as the perfect book for three days around the pool.  Well, I’m not much for lying around the pool but I can vouch for the fact that it was perfect for three days on the couch with a blanket, a box of tissues, and some Alka Seltzer Plus Flu & Cold.  

By-the-way……. I thought “Revival” was a dud. 



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