The Glass Castle

This memoir will knock your socks off….if you’re wearing any!

GC 2


Jeanette Walls’ memoir titled “The Glass Castle” is a completely gripping tale that I found extremely hard to put down.   She tells the story of a childhood spent living with parents who are both eccentric and neglectful.  Her dad is a brilliant and creative alcoholic who can’t hold onto a job.  Her artistic mother is more interested in painting than making sure her children have food and shelter.  This combination guarantees the necessity for Jeanette and her siblings to raise themselves.  They have a somewhat nomadic existence, moving from place to place until they end up in a backwoods town in West Virginia.  It’s here that their situation really becomes desperate with Jeanette having to resort to taking food from the garbage cans at school.  

This is the story that those of us who work in the public school system need to hear. It’s not uncommon to see children being “parented” by people who have no business being parents.  The feeling is that they don’t have much of a chance for success in life but you hope that they manage to survive.  Jeanette Walls not only managed to survive, she found a way to excel.

I have mentioned before that I rarely buy books.  I have two criteria for purchase the first being that I LOVE the book.  The second criteria is that it must be a first edition.  This book has been on my list ever since I read it.  I carry this list in my purse so that I’ll have it with me when I hit the used book store. So, I guess I actually have three criteria as I HAVE to get a deal as well!  Anyway, I have yet to come across one in the used book stores.  I’ve found that when a book is exceptionally good it takes quite awhile before it shows up in the used book stores.  People tend to hold onto them.  This book is awesome!  Read it!


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