Campers Wine Glass

A few years ago our friends gave us two wine glasses for Christmas custom painted with a camping motif.  We loved  them and they became our trailer wine glasses.  Then last November Greg dropped his while outside BBQing at Sunset Beach and it broke.  Our friends had purchased ours at a craft faire so we knew it wasn’t going to be easy to replace and after browsing the internet I found zero available for purchase.

Each following trip was a “whine” fest on Greg’s part as he missed his favorite glass and, of course, wanted to use mine.  My response was a quick “forget it”.  So, a couple of months ago I got back on the internet to search again.  This time I was led to Sharon Carl’s Etsy store in which she sells custom painted glassware.  In the sample pictures she featured a stemless wine glass with a camping motif.  She did not have any completed for sale but was open to requests.  So, I emailed her asking what she would charge for a wine glass with a camping motif and  if she was willing to sell just one as everything she featured was sold in sets of four.  She got back with me quickly saying she was willing, asked me to specify stemmed or stemless, the time I needed it and quoting me a fair price.  Once my order was completed I received my glass in a very timely fashion and was VERY pleased with my purchase.                                                                                                             


I think Sharon did a beautiful job!  I set this aside to give to Greg as a Father’s Day gift and he was pleasantly surprised when he opened his present this morning.  Please go to Sharon’s Etsy store to see what she has to offer at

Sharon has helped to remove the “whine” from Greg’s glass of wine for our next trip.  Thanks Sharon!

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