Homemade Table Cloth Weights



  • Lead Fishing WeightsDSCN3012
  • Key Rings
  • HookDSCN3011
  • Acrylic Paint (optional)
  • Fabric Scraps ( scrap booking paper would work as well)
  • Decoupage FinishDSCN3016
  • Eyelets for tablecloth corners  DSCN3007
  1. Wash and dry the lead weights to remove any dirt or dust.
  2.  Paint the weights if desired and allow to dry ( It may take several coats).
  3. Cut out desired fabric (or paper!) pieces with pinking shears.
  4. Brush decoupage finish over the weight where you wish to place your decoration. (Don’t be alarmed that the decoupage finish is white!  It will dry completely clear.)
  5. Place your decoration over the decoupage finish and smooth all sides.
  6. Now brush more decoupage finish over the top of the decoration.
  7. Allow to dry thoroughly and then turn over to decorate the other side.
  8. Attach your decorated weights to key rings and then to a hook.
  9. Insert an eyelet into each corner of the table cloth according to the package directions.


10. Snap the hook into the eyelet and you’re done!


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