Table Cloth Weights

I read an article in Trailer Life Magazine on how to make your own table cloth weights.  These weights were made out of soda pop cans filled with sand.  I’m pretty sick of doing things like placing an ugly board on one end of the picnic table to keep it from flying off so I liked the idea of making my own table cloth weights.  But, I found these particular weights unattractive and cumbersome.  So, I decided to come up with my own using things I had around the house.

The flannel backed vinyl table cloth, that I keep in the 5th wheel for outdoor use, is good quality and of substantial weight.  So, I put an eyelet in each corner to attach my weights to.


The weights are made from lead fishing weights that had been my grandpas that I somehow ended up with.  (Probably because my son LOVES fishing!)  I decorated the weights with cheerful fabric and attached them to key rings and then attached the key ring to a hook.

They turned out like this.


And attach to the table cloth like this.


I can’t weight to try them out!

Click here for the instructions on how to make these.

This is what I came up with but I’m sure that there are lots of other really cute options.  Care to share your ideas?


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