The Furry Thief

This is Lily.  She likes to steal things primarily from my sewing/craft room.  Some of her favorite things to steal are…………

…………my patterns.  She also likes………


……….all writing utensils.  Some of the other things she’s taken are……..


…..sewing notions and……


……  paint and paint brushes.  Or if guests leave their personal items on the bathroom counter she’s been known to take…


…. an occasional toothbrush.  But, what really took the cake was when she stole my……..

DSCN3012…….fishing weights!  I had been painting them in preparation to make table cloth weights out of them and I found one downstairs, under an area rug.

We think she’s bored and would prefer the life that nature intended her to have filled with exploring and hunting instead of stuck indoors 24/7.  When our daughter, Rosie, comes to visit she always takes her out back to enjoy the grass and sunshine.  Then after Rosie goes home Lily sulks.


Greg is sure that Lily would be one of those kitties that could handle travelling in an RV.  We see it all the time!  She has an adventurous spirit.  She’s not rattled all that easily.  But, it comes down to this…I KNOW she would not be game for being taken out on a leash and going potty on demand like the dogs and I am not game for a litter box in close quarters.  So, it just ain’t happenin’.

Lily & Thelma

Not to mention that Thelma, who is NOT adventurous and IS easily rattled, would be awfully lonely without her.

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